COVID-19 Updates

​​​This page provides specific information on SDC response at the global and bilateral levels and shows you how our colleagues live the COVID epidemic in their daily work. At the bottom you will find links to scientific analysis on the pandemic and institutional advices.


October 2020

This factsheet developed with the support of the SDC Health Network provides an overview of SDC Health support to the COVID-19 pandemic with selected examples from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid, the bilateral cooperation and the global response. 

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How are our colleagues living the COVID-19 epidemic in their daily work?

Find out how NPOs in various countries around the world are dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic whether at work, in their families or in relation to ongoing projects.

Some concrete interventions at the national level

Kyrgyzstan (picture):

Report on a digital training initiative for medical staff in connection with Covid-19, launched by our MER (Medical Education Reform - collaboration with the HUG) project in Kyrgyzstan

Switzerland donates personal protective equipment for medical workers to fight against COVID-19

Call 118! Switzerland helped to establish call centres in Kyrgyzstan to combat COVID-19?

Switzerland enhan​ces public awareness on prevention against COVID-19 in Kyrgyzstan​​

Georgia: UNDP assists Georgia in raising the alarm about COVID-19 among vulnerable communities

Moldavia (picture): Switzerland and UNDP provide critical medical supplies to help Moldova counter COVID-19

Ukraine: Ukrainian –Swiss project “Medical Education Development” (MED) response to COVID-19

Ukrainian local self-government in response to coronavirus

Kosovo: AQH project response to the COVID-19 outbreak


Humanitarian Aid : Clean drinking water and COVID-19: Swiss aid convoy reaches conflict zone in eastern Ukraine

Keep yourself updated : what you need to know about the current epidemic

Below you can find a selection of important sources of information: