Participation in Peace- and Statebuilding

​Women have great potential to bring about peaceful transformations and play an important role in conflict and post-conflict situations when power relations are newly negotiated. However, ensuring space for the role of women as leaders in building a better future for their states and societies is the real statebuilding challenge. International statebuilding support has so far been largely gender blind, with the result that such opportunities are often missed or have not been taken into account. Moreover, evidence shows that even in contexts where women played important political roles as peace activists during conflict or were fighting in rebel forces, they were often marginalized within the political settlement and were pushed out of public life and back into traditional roles after the conflict ended. UN Security Council Resolution 1325 has undoubtedly increased international focus on women’s inclusion in peacebuilding.

The New Deal for engagement in fragile states is a key agreement between fragile states and partners to change the policy and practice of engagement. At the core of the New Deal are the five peace and statebuilding goals (PSGs) who link peace and development needs. Unfortunately, the PSGs so far have not adequately incorporated a gender perspective. While the New Deal is becoming the new paradigm for the engagement in fragile and conflict-affected states, it could offer a way to address the challenges of integrating gender into peacebuilding and statebuilding, and in doing so to strengthen the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and its follow-up resolutions.  

As a development agency SDC can play a crucial role in strengthening women’s role and participation in all stages and all aspects of peace and statebuilding as a pathway out of fragility.

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