Gender in natural resources: Resources and publications

SDC resources and publications

Thematic Guidance Note: Gender & Food Security (2016) E Note thématique genre et securité alimentaire (2016) F

Gender and Land - Implications for Sustainable Development: A working paper for development practitioners (2014)

Gendernet Newsletter 1.2016 on Gender and Climate Change

SDC (2005): Gender and Water: Mainstreaming gender equality in water, hygiene and sanitation interventions

F2F2014: Gender, land and sustainable development (conference)

Further resources and publications

Gender & land governance

Gender and land rights database (FAO)

Fairtrade Foundation: Equal Harvest: Removing the barriers to women's participation in small holder agriculture (2015)


Gender & food security

Gender and Food Security: Towards gender-just food and nutrition security. Overview Report. (BRIDGE, 2014)

WECF: Practical guide aimed at practitioners on gender and food security (2014)

Gender & climate change

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992)

Lima Work Programme on Gender

COP 21: Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (2015)

App and Online Platform «Gender Climate Tracker»

Women and Gender Constituency: Position Paper on the 2015 New Climate Agreement (2015)

ELDIS: Introductory Guide to Gender and Climate Change (Web Resource)

BRIDGE: Gender and Climate Change. Overview Report (2011)

Resource Guide on Gender and Climate Change (UNDP, 2009)

Training Manual to Support Country-driven Gender and Climante Change (NDF, ADB, 2015)

OECD-DAC: Making Climate Finance work for Women. Overview of the Integration of Gender Equality in Aid to Climate Change (2015)

World Resources Institute: Building Climate Equity. Creating a New Approach from the Ground Up (2016)

Women and Climalte: Climate Justice and Women's Rights. A Guide to Supporting Grassroots Women's Actions (2015)

CGIAR: Closing the Gender Gap in climate-smart Agriculture (2015); Adaptation Actions in Africa. Evidence that Gender matters (2014)

OXFAM: No accident. Resilience and the inequality of risk (2013)

CARE: Gender Dynamics in a Changing Climate. How Gender and Adaptive Capacity affect Resilience (2015)

CARE: Tackling the Double Injustice of Climate Change and Gender Inequality (2014)

Nordic Development Fund / Asian Development Bank: Training Manual to support country-driven climate change (2015)

Huairou Commission: Community Resilience at Scale: Grassroots Women demonstrating successful Practices (2015)

Global Gender and Climate Alliance

Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO)

Women and Gender Constituency

IUCN: Gender and Climate Change Action Plan (ccGAP) Initiative

Secretariat of the Pacific Community: Pacific Gender and Climate Change Toolkit.

CGIAR: Gender and Inclusion Toolbox: Participatory Research in Climate Change and Agriculture (2014)

Green Climate Fund: Gender Policy and Action Plan (2015)

Gender & water

Lancet: Water, sanitation and hygiene interventions (2005)

Fewtrell & Colford: Water, sanitation and hygiene interventions (2004)

WHO: Safer water, better health (2008)

COHRE et al: Manual on the right to water and sanitation (2008)

Gender & disaster risk reduction

Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDP, 2013)