Gender, fragility and conflict: Resources and publications

SDC publications and resources

SDC's experience in addressing sexual and gender-based violence (2016)

Rapport sur le travail de la DDC en matière de lutte contre la violence sexuelle et basée sur le genre. (2016)

Peacebuilding and statebuilding strategy for SDC's work in fragile and conflict contexts (2015)

2030 Agenda: Transforming our World (2015)

Dispatch on Switzerland’s international cooperation 2017-2020

SDC Factsheet Violence against women (2013)

F2F 2016 on gender equality, justice, peace- and statebuilding

Newsletter Gendernet 3.2016: SGBV

Policies, legal references and associated reports

Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW) (1979)

CEDAW General recommendation No. 30 on women in conflict prevention, conflict and post-conflict situations

Declaration on the elimination of violence against women (DEVAW) (1993)

UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000)

Swiss National Plan on UNSCR 1325 (2013-2016)

Civil society alternative report on NAP 1325 as seen from the gender perspective (2016)

Global study on the implementation of UNSCR 1325 (2015)

Commission on the Status of Women: Agreed Conclusions CSW57 (2013)

Women's Human Rights App (different keywords on violence)

The New Deal for engagement in fragile states
The International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

Publications and resources on SGBV and VAW

UN Women: Global database on violence against women

Lancet Series. Violence against women and girls (2014)

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (2014): Violence against women: an EU-wide survey

WHO (2013): Global and regional estimates of violence against women: prevalence and health effects of intimate partner violence and non-partner sexual violence

WHO (2014): Global Status Report on violence prevention

IASC (2015): Guidelines for Integrating GBV-Interventions in Humanitarian Actions

Publications and resources on gender in peace- and statebuilding

UN Women (2016): Making women count – not just counting women

OECD-DAC (2013): Gender and statebuilding in fragile and conflict-affected states

KOFF (2013): Gender and statebuilding in fragile and conflict-affected states

UN Women: New database on women and peace agreements

Publications and resources on gender in humanitarian aid

IASC Gender Handbook for Humanitarian Action
IASC Gender e-learning: different needs – equal opportunities
IASC Gender Standby Capacity Project (GenCap)
Gender Reliefweb
UN Women humanitarian action
UNHCR Handbook for the protection of women and girls

Publications and resources on Engaging men and boys for gender equality

Connell (2005): Change among the gatekeepers. Men, masculinities and gender equality in the global arena

Ertürk (2014): Considering the role of men in gender agenda setting: Conceptual and policy issue

MenEngage, UN Women, UNFPA (2012): Men, masculinities and changing power. A Discussion Paper on Engaging Men in Gender Equality from Beijing 1995 to 2015

MenEngage, UNFPA (2012): Engaging men. Changing gender norms.

Calkin (2013): From absent obstacles to allies. Creating space for men in theories of women’s empowerment

EMERGE (2015): Collaborative Review of Evidence on Men and Boys in Social Change and Gender Equality

Men and boys for Gender Justice (2014): Delhi Declaration and Call to Action

Loncarevic, Reisewitz (2016): Introducing perpetrators counselling in Western Balkan countries

ELDIS on Engaging men and boys

MenEngage Alliance

Further useful references

Office of the Special Representative for sexual violence in conflict

Office of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women

UN Women - Violence against women

Stop Rape Now: UN Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict (UN Action)

16 days of activism against gender-based violence campaign