Women’s involvement in conflict early warning and response systems

​Involvement of women in conflict early warning and response systems (CEWR) is key to the efficiency of conflict prevention, but – despite UN RES 1325 – has been largely overlooked. In the workshop two examples from the field (Tanzania and Horn of Africa) were presented and participants got an insight into the concept and potential of CEWR for anticipating, preventing and resolving conflict, and the benefits a gender-sensitive CEWR could bear for sustaining peace. The workshop also included presentations by the two partners swisspeace and ETH Zurich on the experiences of FAST (International Early Warning Program) and on the EWER (Community Based Early Warning and Rapid Response Systems). The participants of the workshop agreed to launch a new workstream on CEWR within the network.

Tanzania: Efforts for a national Early Warning and Response System in Tanzania
Further information: Sonya Elmer Dettelbacher

Swisspeace: The experience of FAST International
Further information: Lisa Ott

ETH Zurich: Community based early warning rapid response systems / Local peace committees
Further information: Simon Mason