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SDC [5.7 MB]
This report presents Switzerland’s contribution in 2018 to achieve gender equality through its international cooperation. The presented project cases show the diverse topics and approaches that the SDC and its partners work on to tackle the manifold gender gaps. They illustrate what progress has been achieved, what changes have been induced and what obstacles women and men continue to face. We aim for transformative changes towards more and lasting gender equality. We wish you a good reading.
SDC [5.8 MB]
This first Status Report on Gender Equality presents Switzerland’s contribution in 2017 to achieve gender equality through its international cooperation. Various project cases illuminate the range of opportunities and challengest the SDC and its partners face across its priority gender equality objectives when working towards more equal gender relations on the ground.
SDC [2.3 MB]

The study omprises an assessment of three distinct project and programme portfolios during the period from 2007 to 2016 that reflect our approach to implementing the FDFA’s gender equality policy. 


The strategy sets out the principles of action and the key objectives of Swiss foreign policy regarding gender equality and women's rights. It outlines the basic principles of the commitment to make a genuine, tangible contribution to an inclusive and equitable society, creating greater prosperity for the benefit of all.

OECD [1.2 MB]

Jointly conducted by the GENDERNET and INCAF, this study itself stands as an example of how transcending knowledge barriers can identify important policy gaps and reveal new entry points for more effective development interventions.

SDC [344 kB]

This Fact Sheet highlights the importance of CEDAW for SDC´s work on gender equality and for its human rights-based approach toward poverty reduction. It identifies concrete entry points for supporting the implementation of CEDAW obligations in SDC’s partner countries.

    21.09.2017 05:10Launch of Gender Thematic Guidance Sheets
    18.10.2017 15:21Unpaid Care Work
    15.11.2017 15:34New SDC Gender Checklist
    18.01.2018 22:39New ‘How to’ guides focusing on Gender Analysis and Gender in PCM are now available
    18.01.2018 23:12New Fact Sheet highlights the importance of CEDAW for SDC ́s work
    30.05.2016 00:00F2F 2016: SDC’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030
    06.12.2016 00:00Panel discussion: Preventing violence against women: Engaging men and boys, building alliances
    20.09.2017 00:00Gender Learning Day 2017
    15.03.2017 00:00CSW Side Event: Care policies in the Agenda 2030
    02.11.2017 00:00OECD/DAC Gendernet Annual Meeting
    06.10.2017 00:00Workshop: SONAP 2017
    04.10.2017 00:00Gender and CSPM Workshop Horn of Africa (Gender & CHR Net)
    28.09.2017 00:00Savings and Credit Forum 2017: Why and how formal savings services matter to low-income and vulnerable housholds (e+i Net)
    20.10.2015 00:00Discussion: Gender and Financing for Sustainable Development – after Addis Ababa
    09.09.2015 00:00Conference: On Women, Peace and Security
    23.04.2015 00:00Presentation: Measuring social norms for post 2015
    11.11.2014 00:00Conference: SGBV in Conflict – a Legacy for Post-Conflict Transformation, Sustainable Development and Peace
    08.03.2018 00:00Panel discussion: Women in Displacement
    16.04.2018 00:00E-Discussion: Gender Responsive and Socially Inclusive Budgeting
    14.03.2018 00:00CSW Side Event: Gender Equality in conflict
    14.03.2018 00:00CSW Side Event: Participation of rural women in governance
    15.03.2018 00:00CSW Side Event: Womens Rights to Land
    25.04.2016 00:00E-Discussion: Gender Equality Justice Peace- and Statebuilding
    04.09.2018 00:00Webinar and e-discussion: Women's Financial Inclusion
    17.08.2018 00:00Webinar: Gender Policy Marker (Spanish)
    26.09.2018 00:00Webinar: Gender in the Annual Reports
    02.11.2018 00:00Savings and Credit Forum 2018: Women's Financial Inclusion
    09.01.2019 00:00Workshop: Shareweb Refresher
    20.09.2018 00:00Gender Learning Day 2018
    01.11.2018 00:00High Level Panel: Women's Empowerment in the World of Work
    07.06.2018 00:00Conference: Engaging Men and Boys
    05.05.2015 00:00E-Discussion: Gender and Fiscal Decentralisation
    15.09.2015 00:00E-Discussion: Gender and Taxation
    23.05.2016 00:00World Humanitarian Summit
    15.11.2018 00:00Webinar: Making sense of intersectionality (Agriculture and Food Security Net)
    28.04.2019 00:00Face 2 Face 2019
    22.11.2018 00:00Launch: The 4th National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security
    01.06.2014 00:00F2F 2014: Gender Land and Rural Economy
    25.11.2018 00:00Campaign: Orange the World - HearMeToo
    26.04.2018 00:00Webinar: Gender Policy Marker
    01.03.2019 00:00CEDAW side event: Panel discussion on "Strengthening synergies between CEDAW and Women, Peace and Security Resolutions"
    15.07.2019 00:00IPDET: International Program for Development Evaluation Training
    18.09.2019 00:00Gender Learning Day 2019: Women, Peace and Security - Reclaim Prevention!
    28.11.2019 00:00Sexual violence against men and boys
    05.12.2019 00:0016 Days ILO end GBV
    12.12.2019 00:00Webinar: Business Case for Women's Economic Empowerment
    30.01.2020 00:00Atelier Genre
    21.09.2020 00:00Online Training: Leave no one behind
    18.09.2020 00:002020-09 Gender Learning Day
    04.11.2020 00:00Formation: genre au temps des pandémies
    01.03.2021 00:00Executive Certificate: genre et développement
    01.12.2020 00:00Regional Workshop Gender Equality and Inclusion
    27.08.2020 00:002020-08 CoP SGBV
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