e+i Expert support

e+i Expert Support

The Focal Point offers the SDC e+i network members (under its Backstopping Mandate) various experts with different specializations.

There is no contracting, fee or administrative work on your side!

Up to one day:
PSD and FSD: Contact Maja Rüegg (Maja.Rueegg(at)helvetas.org),
VSD: Contact Franz Kehl (kehl(at)kek.ch)
Indicate what you are looking for or which expert you would like to engage as a consultant and inform us about (cc: Peter.Beez(at)eda.admin.ch)

More than one day:
Please get in contact with the Focal Point e+i. For tasks of general interest for the network, we may be able to allocate more than just one day.

If you need recommendations concerning specific tasks/experts, please feel free to ask the Focal Point Team: Simon Junker, Hans Ramm, Peter Beez, Andrea Inglin.

Are you not from SDC, but from a connected project/programme? Ask your SDC contact person.