About the Education network


The E network aims to:

  • foster experiences sharing and good practices
  • increase knowledge on various topics and methods
  • provide operational and thematic support to its SDC members and partners


The E Network is made up of individual members and institutional partners. Working to build a genuine community of practice, the network set up online discussions, meetings and collaborate with other SDC thematic networks. It also contribute to increase the quality and the relevance of SDC on education topics. It organizes events such as, for example,  the launch in Switzerland of the Global Monitoring Report on Education for All (GMR). It also hosts a regional group in West Africa on the themes of education and vocational training.


SDC's programmes are focussed on basic education for children, young people and adults. Basic Education (BE) cannot be reduced to primary education. It aims at responding to "fundamental education needs" of all individuals. This objective implies the development of a holistic approach to education, grounded on human rights and adapted to the different contexts.



SDC E Network's description

SDC Guidelines for Basic Education and Vocational Skills Development

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