The Approach

The Approach

The SDC is striving for real partnerships with the private sector in order to engage together for impact.



Shared Value: 1+1 = 3 or 5 or 20


EPS Projects have advantages for all parties involved:

For the SDC:

  • Intensified contribution to SDGs
  • Access to expertise & networks of private actors
  • Access to co-funding & impact investments
  • Access to entrepreneurial talent


For Private Sector Partner (PSP):

  • Strengthening of core business
  • Access to local & regional contacts  & knowledge
  • Access to co-funding & guarantees
  • Access to markets


Differences in Intensity

EPS includes PPDPs & PPDCs – both very useful forms of collaboration with differences in intensity.


EPS as a Modality

EPS is a "modality", a "lever" to implement SDC's cooperation strategies and EPS projects can be undertaken in different thematic areas, such as e+i and water and in many different countries and regions.