VSD Reference Indicators

​​​Common Outcome Indicators and Aggregated Reference Indicators

​​​​​​​There is an increased demand in result measurement in order to assess the effectiveness of development aid. Furthermore, as a project manager the strategic use for your decision-making and improving your programs performances can be greatly enhanced with a solid result measurement and monitoring approach.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Besides this, reporting on the results is increasingly gaining on importance, especially in the field of vocational skills development (VSD), where it is difficult to evidence outcomes. However, VSD will only benefit from public support if its effects are credibly demonstrated.

Therefore this page provides information about two different sets of indicators for VSD projects and programmes:

  1. ​​Common Outcome Indicators (COI) for the steering, results measurement and reporting on programme level and cooperation strategy level.
  2. Aggregated Reference Indicators (ARI) to monitor the dispatch on Switzerland's International Cooperation 2017–2020.

​​​Common Outcome Indicators (COI) for VSD

The employment and income network (e+i network) supports VSD reporting efforts with a working aid on Common Outcome Indicators (COI) for the the four key outcome dimensions Outreach, Relevance of Training, Gainful Employment and System Change. 

This working aid provides guidelines on how to work with the four key outcome dimensions and the corresponding COI for SDC’s VSD programmes. It is an easy-to-use support instrument for all phases of the project cycle. It does not replace or compete with the existing instruments for planning, results measurement and M&E, but aims to complement these and simplify M&E endeavours. 

​​​Aggregated Reference Indicators (ARI) for VSD​

ARI EV2: VSD personnel and teachers trained​

ARI EV3: Access to VSD and employment​

​​Depending on a project’s or programme’s setting, ARI E1 (Income), ARI E2 (Financial Inclusion) or ARI EV1 (Access to basic education) may be relevant too.​​​ You'll find more information in the guidelines​ and on the​ ​Shareweb of the SDC Quality Assurance unit (EDA staff only). ​The video below provides a general introduction. 

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