VSD key documents

​​​​​​​These are the key documents, resources and initiatives every​​one should know.

​​​​​The SDC’s Education Strategy for ​Basic Ed​​ucation and Vocational Skills Developmenten ​​de ​fr
Theme ‘Employment and Income’: The SDC’s Medium Term Orientation 2015 – 2019 ​en-​-
Introduction paper: Understanding and analysing vocational education and training systems
VSD Typology (document collection)en​-fr
​Common Outcome Indicat​ors (COI) and Aggregated Refernce Indicators (ARI) ​en​-​-
​Guidance for VSD Entry and Credit Proposals
Factsheet Vocational Skills Development (VSD) 2017 ​en ​de fr​
​VSD: Key to employment and income.​ Insights into the SDC’s cooperation in vocational skills development 2016 (brochure)​​ ​en​​-​-
Switzerland's initiative for international cooperation in VPET (IC-VPET) ​ ​en ​de/it​ ​fr
Facts and figures about Switzer​land's Vocational education and training system​ ​ende/it​ ​fr
The SDC's portfolio in Vocational Skills Development (VSD) – Key figures 2016 ​en- -
The SDC's portfolio in Vocational Skills Development (VSD) - Project map 2018

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