PSD Topics

PSD Topics and Resources

SDCs private sector development covers the following main topics: 


Inclusive Business

How can SDC and its partners support in creating an enabling environment for pro-poor businesses, benefitting the poor as clients, suppliers, distributors, employees or producers?

Value Chain Development
What is needed to understand the interactions of different actors along the value chain and the different points of intervention to facilitate and increase the efficiency and enhance the competence?  
Local Economic Development
Through consultation, LED tries to make a more efficient and sustainable use of existing and potentially available resources, aspires to build socio-economic opportunities (such as the creation of employment and income) and works to strengthen good local governance.
Business Environment
For a flourishing business environment different policy and legal frameworks need to be in place.How can SDC contribute in creating an enabling business environment to reduce poverty?
Social Aspects of Work
Creating employment and income alone is not enough, the quality and conditions of work are also relevant to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.
Results Measurement
A good monitoring and results measurement system should enable a learning culture and reporting credible results

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