PSD Reference Indicators

PSD Reference Indicators

There is an increased demand in result measurement in order to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of development aid. Furthermore, as a project manager the strategic use for your decision-making and improving your programs performances can be greatly enhanced with a solid result measurement and monitoring approach.

This site will provide you with the compulsory indicators SDC is following, as well as additional resources for PSD projects and programmes.

The Aggregated Reference Indicator (ARI) is the compulsory indicator (where applicable) reflecting the least common denominator at outreach level. ARIs allow to assess outcomes and outputs achieved with SDC support which contribute to the 10 Effectiveness goals in relation with the Swiss thematic priorities defined in the Dispatch on Switzerland’s International Cooperation 2017-2020


ARI E1: Economic development – Income:

“yy people (M/F) with increased income in a) Agriculture: crop cultivation and livestock farming, and b) small and middle size enterprises (SME).


You'll find more information in the guidelines​ and on the​ ​Shareweb of the SDC Quality Assurance unit (EDA staff only). ​The video below provides a general introduction.



Additional reference indicators:

In order to get more support for the definition of good outcome indicators, please consult

·      the DCED standard for results measurement

·      the DCED's Harmonized Indicators for Private Sector Development 

Also recommendable is the BEAM Exchange Monitoring Guidance for Market Sector Development: A Guidance with extensive reference to the DCED Standard.


Furthermore, IRIS, offered by the Global Impact Investing Network, is a collection of performance indicators used by impact investors to measure social, environmental, and financial change.

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