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Results Measurement in PSD

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Recent efforts have resulted in standards and useful tools for results measurement, which will help PSD programmes to present what they are achieving more effectively.

SDC puts increasing emphasis on results measurement in its private sector development projects and organizes different events and publishes insights and lessons learnt. Explore the different documents recommended by your focal point e+i below.

​​​ Key Documents

Rob van Hout, Zenebe Uraguchi, Nikola Babic, Isabelle Fragnière-HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation [1.8 MB]
The guidance aims to help the projects to successfully design and manage MRM systems that are both solid and realistic. Unlike other MRM manuals, the focus is not on what project should do, but on what projects can do when facing certain challenges during the design or implementation of the MRM system. We have tried to use many practical examples to illustrate the various MRM challenges our projects are experiencing and to describe the solutions or strategies that are being used to overcome these problems. Download a summary version here. You might also enjoy a blog post on the "learning expedition" that has let to this publication. 
Hans Posthumus; Phitcha Wanitphon-DCED [690 kB]
This case is part of a guidance paper that provides an overview of the most common attribution methods and offers guidance on how to select the most appropriate attribution method for the diversity of interventions within their given context. This paper also documents the ways in which four programs selected and implemented four different attribution methods. It explains how ALCP assessed their impact in the livestock sector and why ALCP considers this particular attribution method the most appropriate way to assess the impact of their interventions. It also explains how they carried out the measurements.
Phitcha Wanitphon; Alexandra Miehlbradt -DCED
This guidance note provides an annotated outline of a program-specific MRM Manual illustrated with examples from actual programs. The note will provide readers with a good understanding and practical examples of what to include in a program-specific MRM manual. Annexed to the guidance note are full MRM manuals from various programs.
Hans Posthumus and other-SDC [951 kB]
The objective of this paper is to provide guidance on good Monitoring and Measuring Results practice with respect to the process and the roles and responsibilities of SDC program managers managing PSD programs and to enable implementing partners to design, apply, and benefit from a monitoring and results measurement system that enables learning and reporting credible results and that complies with the DCED Standard for Results Measurement.
DCED [502 kB]
The DCED Standard for Measuring and Reporting Results has attracted much interest and feedback. Based on this feedback, the Standard has now been further enhanced and streamlined. This new version is now available for consultation. You are welcome to provide your feedback to the DCED!
SC-Forum 2006-12 Presentation - Impact Evaluation - Impact assessment of microfinance[Download pdf-version]

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