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Financial Sector Development

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Why financial sector development?

Stable, efficient financial systems are an elementary aspect of any national economy. Providing poor households, farmers and small enterprises with improved access to financial services can boost their involvement in economic life and reduce their vulnerability.

At present, poor sections of the population in many development countries are largely excluded from the formal financial sector. This is particularly true of rural regions, where more than 90% of the population often have no access to formal financial services. Typical reasons for this deficiency are a lack of sales and service offices, high costs, insufficient infrastructure, service offerings that are not geared to specific needs, and inadequate legal and regulatory frameworks.

As a result, poorer members of the population often have to resort to relatives, friends and other informal money lenders. Such informal options, however, rarely produce funding for investments.

What are the aims?

In the context of development policy, financial sector development aims to create enduring financial services for broad sections of the population who have so far enjoyed only limited access, if any, to such services.

A well-functioning financial sector is of paramount importance to a country's economic development. It offers the opportunity to mobilise savings for use in productive investments that create income and employment. Providing private households and farmers as well as businesses with access to secure investment opportunities, access to payment transaction systems, credit and insurance services is essential in order to reduce income risks, achieve a more effective cushion against economic and market fluctuations and save for larger investments such as children's education or setting up a business. Insurance against poor crops and natural disasters is particularly crucial in reducing the risks incurred by small farmers. It serves to increase productivity, thus strengthening food security. An efficient financial sector accessible to all segments of the population has the effect of reducing poverty, both at the private household level and from the standpoint of the national economy. It also stimulates economic growth at all levels.

How are they achieved?

“SDC supports its partners in their development, while aiming at sustainability and maximum depth and breath of outreach (access), by strengthening financial sectors at four levels:

  • Demand side: helping clients in strengthening their social capital and financial literacy, and thus their bargaining position, so as to facilitate their access to institutional financial services.
  • Supply side: supporting financial institutions that have the potential to significantly expand their services to SDC’s target groups on a costcovering basis and share the development vision in becoming viable institutions to maximise their breath and depth of outreach.
  • Infrastructure: supporting networks and associations of financial institutions, training institutions, rating agencies, credit bureaus, auditors, transfer and payment systems, information- technology and technicalassistance providers, etc., so as to strengthen FSD.
  • Policy, regulatory, and supervisory framework: supporting regulatory and supervisory institutions and financial sector reform where framework conditions impede FSD.

SDC gives priority to rural areas and to capacity development in its FSD projects, and intervenes particularly at the first three levels mentioned above.” (SDC Policy for Financial Sector Development)

What will you find on the financial sector development pages?   

Under topics, you find a short introduction to each topic of FSD with relevant documents, events, trainings and links. The Resource Box provides you with a manual along the PCM for your FSD projects as well as a selection of different case studies. You find an overview of all projectsevents & trainings in the realm of financial sector development under the specific tab. Or you can also explore the latest saving and credit forum, or relevant partners. Last but not least, under reference indicators, you find the official mandatory aggregated reference indicator (ARI) from SDC for FSD, as well as further helpful documents on indicators for FSD.

For downloading our FSD Factsheet, please click here (for the German version here; for the French version here).

​​​ Key Documents

Edited by Essam Yassin Mohammed, Zenebe Bashaw Uraguchi

Our colleague Zenebe Uraguchi (HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation) has edited this book together with his colleague Essam Mohammed (IIED, London). 

The key objective of the book is to provide practical case studies of financial inclusion, rather than focus on academic debates such as the ideological basis of promoting microfinance. Using the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals as an overall framing of the issues, it shows how poor and disadvantaged women and men can be bankable if the right facilitation for maximizing opportunities and addressing constraints are in place.

>> read more and have a look at the table of contents 

>> or read the blog post:  "We wrote a book and this is what we learnt about financial inclusion" by Zenebe himself, giving the major findings of their book.

Christian Sinobas-KiWi [1.4 MB]
SDC [371 kB]

Why and how formal savings services matter to low-income and vulnerable households

This Factsheet gives an overview about SDC FSD approach.
SDC [247 kB]

This Glossary includes the most important terminologies and definitions about e+i result measurement.

SDC [364 kB]

This Glossary includes the most important FSD terminologies and definitions.

Alan Gibson-Springfield Centre [170 kB]
This case study outlines the experience of the FinMark Trust, an organisation formed in 2002 to address the problem of access to financial services. FinMark saw the solution to improved access as engaging better functioning financial markets – with “making (financial) markets work for the poor” (M4P) – and this has been the focus of their work. Their initial experience indicates considerable success, with potentially major implications for financial services interventions globally.
Focal Point e+i-SDC [38 kB]
In this document the Focal Point e+i listed all planned activites and topics for 2017. Important: there will be no global F2F in 2017! The Focal Point is planning to organize a F2F in spring 2018.
Division Evaluation and Controlling-SDC [288 kB]
Seco, SDC [427 kB]

In this paper, Christian Brändli from SECO and Luca Etter from SDC provide an overview on Social Impact Bonds (SIB) and put light on this "new" instrument for donors, listing critical questions and factors to consider before setting up a SIB.

 A very well written must-read for everybody who participated at the Savings and Credit Forum on "Blended Finance" in September 2016, and is impatiently awaiting the next in March 2017 on Social Performance Management and Reporting Practices of Financial Institutions and Microfinance Impact Investors.

Social Impact Bonds (SIB) are a relatively “new” instrument for donors to finance development interventions. SECO and SDC have both launched projects that use a variation of SIBs in their partner countries. This paper explains the most important aspects of SIBs and lists critical questions and factors to consider before setting up a SIB. The paper is work in progress and aimed as an input for colleagues who are considering an SIB. It does not represent an official position.

SDC [768 kB]

The Global Programme Food Security and the Employment and Income Focal Point are pleased to share this Global Brief on “Agricultural Insurance: offering hope forthe future to smallholder farmers”.

 For smallholder farmers in developing countries, extreme weather events, such as droughts or floods, can cause substantial losses and jeopardize their livelihoods. Supporting insurance schemes for smallholder farmers means offering them the possibility to manage the many risks confronting them more effectively, protecting their investments and increasing their resilience.

Peter Beez-SDC [799 kB]

The purpose of this medium term orientation is to define the thematic and methodological priorities that SDC’s focal point and network on Employment and Income (e+i) will pursue over the next five years.

Leora Klapper; Mayada El-Zoghbi; Jake Hess-CGAP

Given the increasingly clear link between financial inclusion and development, governments should continue to push for greater access to and use of financial services.

Ruth Egger-SDC [1.6 MB]

This note is addressed to programme staff of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and other interested development professionals. Its aim is to help them to assess the effectiveness of their activities and their support especially with regard to the possible effects of subsidies. The paper consciously abstains from giving a comprehensive theoretical overview on the complex topic of subsidies, but focuses rather on common practical questions and concerns in development cooperation.

In Chapters 1 and 2, a short overview on the delimitation of subsidies is given, without going deeply into the theory of Economics and Social Welfare.

Chapter 3 lays out the rationale for subsidies especially with regard to governments and development agencies.

Chapter 4 provides an overview of the most common types of subsidies in development cooperation, with practical examples as illustrations.

Chapter 5 lists a series of important questions to be asked or looked into at the time of project and programme planning, implementation and monitoring.

Chapter 6 summarizes important lessons learnt with regard to objectives, policies and results. They build on the examples given in Chapter 4.

Chapter 7 draws attention to some readings on subsidies related to development work.

The toolbox ‘promoting equal participation in sustainable economic development’ intends to close this gap and to contribute to the wider dissemination of knowledge and best practice examples, both within GIZ and among partner organisations. Promoting equal participation in economic development and, in particular, equal opportunities in the labour market is a challenging task that requires a multiplicity of interventions.
SEEP Network [254 kB]
This note presents all important concepts of social performance of microfinance institutions: definitions; benefits of social performance management; a presentation of social performance assessment approaches, including the presentation of 10 tools of poverty assessment/social performance management; the description of different social rating approaches. The publication contains boxes with case studies.
SDC [2.4 MB]
SUBTITLE "Guiding principles for donors and governments". In 2010, SDC published a Project Cycle Management (PCM) handbook for preparing, implementing and evaluating financial sector development projects: A Manual on Managing Cooperation in Financial Sector Development. This paper provides complementary information specific to projects dealing with agricultural and catastrophe insurance (thereafter referred to as “ACI”). It aims to provide high-level guidance on designing or assessing ACI projects and includes a section on monitoring, too.
Pearce, Douglas-CGAP [158 kB]
A very brief (2 pages) overview on the topic, explaining the terminology, the constraints and the challenges
isabelle dauner-SDC [1.6 MB]
A few years earlier, in 2003, SDC agreed to have a Donor Peer Review which you can download here. The document includes the appreciation of the Review by the Directorate of SDC and the resulting outline of the action plan based on the Review. Do you have any resources that you find of importance and relevance to this network, so please let us know at:
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC-SDC [2.5 MB]
This Manual for Strategic and Operational Project Cycle Management (PCM) aims at improving Accountability for Results in SDC Financial Sector Development cooperation projects. The manual provides practice-oriented guidance to development professionals dealing with FSD projects. The manual focuses on planning, monitoring, evaluating and steering FSD initiatives. Its main audience is SDC programme management staff and partner representatives with whom projects are planned, monitored and evaluated. more on the Manual
The "blue book" describes all aspects of financial sector development: policy and legal framework, regulation and supervision, access to financial markets of MFIs and describes different policy options for donors and practitioners.
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC-SDC [5.1 MB]
SDC's financial sector policy describes the strategic orientation, operational principles and instruments of SDC's activities in financial sector development. A must for everybody working in an SDC financial sector project!

​​​Relevant Documents

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fsd factsheets scbf -Providing Access to Finance for Haitis Rural and Agricultural Populations - 2013-102013FSD
SDCfsd factsheets scbf - Strengthening Middle Management & Reviewing Products and Segments offer in MSMEs (Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises) - 2013-092013FSD
fsd factsheets scbf -Scaling-up Mobile Banking delivering G2P benefits to rural areas - Morocco - 2013-082013FSD
fsd factsheets scbf - Access to Water and Energy through Microfinance - Ethiopia - 2013-072013FSD
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SCBFfsd factsheets scbf -Access to Water and Energy through Microfinance - Tanzania - 2013-032013FSD
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Handbook on agriculture finance in east africa 2012-122014Youth Employment;Rural Finance;FSD
SDCSC-Forum - The case of Umutanguha Finance in Rwanda - a partner of YouthStart - Presentation - 2014-062014Youth Employment;FSD
SC-Forum 2013-09 Agricultural Insurance - Potential and challenges in reducing the vulnerability of smallholder farmers and low-income households - List of references - 2013-092013Rural Finance;FSD
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SC-forum - The Indian Microfinance Adventure - Evolution of Indian microfinance leading up to the crisis - Sanjay Sinha - Presentation - 2012-052012Microfinance;FSD
SC-Forum The Long March of BASIX and the Indian Microfinance Adventure - 2012-052012Microfinance;FSD
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SC-Forum How can we make Microfinance more useful to Women - 2012-032012Microfinance;Gender WEE;FSD
SC-Forum How can we make Microfinance more useful to Women - Liste of References - 2012-032012Microfinance;Gender WEE;FSD
fsd projects microinsurance - riice-factsheet2012Inclusive Business;FSD
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SDCFSD - Mikroversicherung für 5 Millionen kleine Reisbauern (de)FSD
KoreWFSD - Kore W – Evaluation of first - Year ResultsRural Finance;FSD
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FSD - CGAP Cross-Border Funding Survey 20102010Rural Finance;FSD
FSD - CGAP Cross-Border Funding Survey 20102010Rural Finance;FSD
FSD - A Manual on Managing Cooperation 2010-012010FSD
FSD 2014-06 draft - Minutes and Session summaries2014FSD
FSD - Strategic Directions FY2014-FY20182014Rural Finance;FSD
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FSD - Accompanying text for FSD manual 2010-012010FSD
m4p seminar- The market development approach a summary - 2010-052010FSD
SDCFSD - Policy for Financial Sector Development - Update 2007 (fr)2007FSD
SDCFSD - Policy for Financial Sector Development - Update 2007 (es)2007FSD
FSD - A Manual on Managing Cooperation in Financial Sector DevelopmentFSD
SC-Forum 2014-06 Presentation - Youth Employment - Linking skills development and financial services[Download pdf-version]

SC-Forum 2008-12 Presentation - Access to Finance - Sub-Sahara Africa - Pamiga Micro-finance[Download pdf-version]

SC-Forum 2005-05 Presentation - Risk Management Agricultural Lending - Diapositiva 1 (de)[Download pdf-version]

SC-Forum 2013-09 Presentation - Agricultural Insurance - RIICE[Download pdf-version]

SC-Forum 2013-09 Presentation - Agricultural Insurance - Overview Challenges and Prospects[Download pdf-version]

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20 Jul 2017Microinsurance solutions to adress climate change
29 Jun 2017Learning Session: When Governments get insured to build their resilience
09 Jun 2017Dynamic e-consultation on the revised guidance for managing Market Systems Development (MSD) projects in SDC
02 Jun 2017SCBF
23 May 2017News from SCBF
23 May 2017News from SCBF
05 Apr 2017Online course: Do you speak social finance?
22 Mar 2017Swiss Microfinance Funds and savings accounts for our beneficiaries
13 Mar 2017Savings and Credit Forum on Social Performance
13 Mar 2017Get your personal support. Free of charge, no administrative work
07 Mar 2017Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF)
06 Dec 2016Overview of Impact Investment in Latin America
28 Nov 2016SCBF
25 Nov 2016Luca Etter: new member of the Advisory Committee for the Capital Aggregation Learning Lab at ANDE
22 Nov 2016Advent, Advent...
01 Nov 2016Register now for the NADEL courses 2017
30 Sep 2016New Report: ANDE - The State of Impact Investing in Latin America
30 Sep 2016New Video: Project 'Governancia e Inclusion Financiera'
22 Sep 2016Unlocking Blended Finance for Social Entrepreneurs, Savings and Credit Forum in Bern
22 Sep 2016e+i Shareweb: New, exciting feature – Smartsearch
16 Sep 2016SDC on Swiss national news: 10vor10
16 Sep 2016Study : Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and Caribbean
07 Sep 2016Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF)
13 Jul 2016save the date! "Unlocking Blended Finance for social entrepreneurs and social businesses": 21 September 2016
28 Jun 2016Swiss Capacity Buildung Facility (SCBF)
03 May 2016the 10 years report on the Index-Based Livetsock Insurance Project is now available
24 Mar 2016Agriculture Insurance: Forum, 11th May 2016
23 Mar 2016Summit on Sustainable Finance
23 Mar 2016S&C Forum
23 Mar 2016News from the Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF)
07 Dec 2015Rethinking Good Practices in Land and Water Management
30 Nov 2015Access to finance - A micro credit bank supported by SDC is showing promising results
27 Nov 2015News from the Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF)
03 Sep 2015The SCBF is SDC’s major public-private development partnership with the Swiss financial sector
30 Aug 2015Cash transfers to address acute malnutrition in emergency contexts

​​​ ​Relevant Events

04 Mar 2019M4P – Making Markets Work for the Poor
29 Oct 2018BEAM webinar on adaptive management in DRC
23 Oct 2018SGSGeneva
01 Nov 2018High-Level Conference on Women's Empowerment in the World of Work
04 Sep 2018Women's Financial Inclusion: Webinar and e-discussion
27 Jul 2018Online Training on Digital Transformation and Client Outcome Management
06 May 2019Global F2F: impact@scale
26 Jul 2018Digital Insurance
05 Jul 2018Valuable and viable inclusive insurance
25 Sep 2018Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit 2018
02 Nov 2018Savings and Credit Forum on Women's Financial Inclusion
07 Sep 2018Harnessing the power of complexity in development
29 May 2018Gender Integration in Microfinance
11 Jun 2018Claims Management
23 Apr 2018Save the Date: Agri-Fin Mobile
29 Mar 2018Webinar 3D Client Value Assessment
20 Mar 20182018-03 InsurTech: rising to the regulatory challenge
28 Jun 2018Microinsurance training
28 Mar 2018Savings and Credit Forum: Digitalized delivery of financial and non-financial services by SCBF partners
24 Apr 2018Market Systems Symposium 2018
01 Mar 2018Course Foundations of Sustainability and Finance
01 Apr 2018CAS in Sustainable Finance
12 Jun 2018Cracking the Nut – Promoting agricultural technology adoption and resilience
23 Oct 2017The Microinsurance Network's Expert Forum on “The role of microinsurance in food security”
26 Jun 2018Microfinance - State of the Art
25 Jun 2018Introduction to Microfinance
21 Nov 2017Financing Global Development – Leveraging Impact Investing for the SDGs (save the date)
28 Sep 2017Savings and Credit Forum: Why and how formal savings services matter to low-income and vulnerable households
22 Aug 2017Crashcourse on Insurance
14 Aug 2017Course: Result Measurement for Sustainable Private Sector Development
03 Jul 2017Executive Education Course: Microinsurance and Emerging Consumers
06 Jun 2017Empowerment AVPN Annual Conference 2017
26 Apr 2017Women's financial inclusion: creating growth and opportunity
15 Mar 2017PSI-Impact Insurance Facility Webinar on "SME and value chains"
25 Jun 2017Microfinance - State of the Art
26 Jun 2017Introduction to Microfinance
01 Jul 2017Microinsurance - Training
08 Feb 2017ANDE Webinar: Social Impact Bonds
21 Feb 2017ANDE in Tanzania- SGB Investors Lunch
17 Dec 2016Micro-pension: Securing the future of the aged in the informal sector
07 Dec 2016BEAM Webinar: Guidance from the field: Investment Manual of Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme
29 Nov 2016ANDE Webinar: Investment Manager Training
22 Jan 2017ANDE: Investment Manager Training
10 Nov 2016ANDE Webinar: Impact and the SDG's
09 Nov 2016ANDE Webinar: The Promise of Technology Impact Investing and the Environment
17 Nov 2016ANDE Weabinar: Moving the Needle - Critical Success Factors for Scaling Innovation in Asset Finance for Small and Growing Agribusinesses
16 Mar 2017Saving and Credit Forum: What are Social Performance Management and Reporting Practices of Financial Institutions and Microfinance Impact Investors?
04 Oct 2016Swisscontact - The Microfinance Sector in Transition
17 Jul 2016Boulder Microfinance Training (MFT)
19 Sep 2016Savings and Credit Forum: Unlocking blended finance for social entrepreneurs and social business
10 May 2016S&C Forum on Progress and Challenges in Inclusive Agriculture Insurance Market Development
29 Feb 2016CAS Sustainable Finance, University of Zuerich
29 Jun 2016Microfinance – State of the Art (English)
27 Jun 2016Introduction to Microfinance (English)
26 Nov 2015Hot Topics in Socially Responsible Investments
17 Nov 2015European Microfinance Week: Financial Inclusion for Sustainable Development
13 Oct 2015Improving Financial Inclusion of Smallholder Farmers