Main Topics


​​SDCs financial sector development covers the following main topics:

  • Rural Finance: Despite the major role they play in economic development, rural regions suffer from a massive deficit of financial services.
  • Micro Finance: Financial services for poor sections of the population and micro enterprises who have no regular access to the services offered by formal financial institutions.
  • Small Enterprise Finance: Small enterprises are of major importance in achieving broad-based development and employment. Yet often such enterprises have no access to services tailored to their needs.
  • Micro-insurance: People in developing and transition countries tend to be exposed to a wide range of risks, such as disease, harvest failure, loss of income and theft, yet they have virtually no formal insurance protection.
  • Social Performance Mainstreaming: Are financial service provider’s walking their talk of their stated social mission? SDC has contributed significantly on social performance measurement and disclosure to improve microfinance standards.

 On each website, you will find a short description on what SDCs understanding, key and relevant documents, events on the topic and projects.


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