Inclusive Finance - The PAMIGA model

SC-Forum 2016-03 Inclusive Finance -  The PAMIGA model


Inclusive finance promoting high impact solutions
for​ low income populations in rural communities

The PAMIGA model for improved access to water and energy




Thursday 3rd March 2016
SDC Freiburgstrasse 130, Room 2023, Bern

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09:00​Registration and Coffee

Welcome and intr​oduction

Peter Beez, Focal Point for Employment and Income, SDC
Michel Evéquoz, Deputy Head West Africa Division, SDC


State of the Art in leveraging the financial sector for promoting high impact solutions for low income populations in rural areas.

Aldo Moauro, Executive Director of Microfinanza Rating


The PAMIGA development approach: Spreading renewable resources access in rural Africa

Renée Chao-Beroff, General Manager PAMIGA Association and Managing Director PAMIGA Finance SA


Case study Mali: Accesss to Water and Renewable Energy, implemented by IMF Pays Dogon

Racine Ly, Program Officer of Pamiga Association, Senegal
Mathieu Merceret, Investment Director PAMIGA Finance SA

11:00Coffee Break

Case study Ethiopia: Access to Water and Renewable Energy, implemented by Buusa Gonofaa and Wasasa

Amsalu Alemayehu, General Manager Wasasa


Blended Finance or how to leverage the scaling up of social businesses?

Luca Etter, Programme Manager, Global Institutions Division, SDC

12:30Common Lunch

Structuring of the PAMIGA Finance SA investment vehicle for access to water and renewable energy

Mathieu Merceret, Investment Director PAMIGA Finance SA


Panel Discussions

(constituted by the chairman of PAMIGA Finance SA, the investors in PAMIGA Finance, and the Deputy Director of the SDC, Thomas Greminger, Ambassador):
expectations, risks, impact evaluation, feedback and perspectives.


Wrap up and Closing

Manuel Sager, Director General of the SDC, Ambassador