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Who we are

The SDC e+i Network is meant to:

  • provide operational, thematic advice in the organizational units;
  • foster learning and to transmit knowledge and methodological competence;
  • capitalize experience and to formulate good practices.


It consists of SDC staff and its partners working in the different themes of employment and income creation.

SDC's thematic medium term orientation for E + I is presented in this draft document, approval by SDC management is still pending: 

E+I: Medium Term Orientation 2015-2019 Draft
Employment and Income, SDC
November 2014
For internal use only.

Our vision

SDC contributes to the Millennium Development Goals through measures that create employment and income for the poor.

Our thematic scope

Overall strategic orientation:

  • systemic approach "Making markets work for the poor"
  • economic as well as social, ecological sustainability
  • multi stakeholder: private sector as engine, state as regulator and facilitator, civil society as advocate for poor
  • focus on rural areas, link with urban dynamics





Private sector development / PSD

  • business environment (local perspectives)
  • local economic development
  • value chains development
  • social aspects of work according to Decent Work Agenda

Financial sector development / FSD

  • rural finance / microfinance / SME finance (including savings)
  • insurance (micro, agriculture)
  • outreach ("depth", "breadth")
  • aid effectiveness (harmonisation)


Vocational skills development / VSD

  • informal education
  • partnerships with private sector and link to labour market
  • national qualification frames
  • links to basic education


Public-private development partnerships / PPDP

  • as mode of collaboration
  • focus on demand from operations
  • dialogue platforms (multi stakeholder: private sector, government, civil society)



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