Thematic modules


The f2f 2013 focuses on three topics – fragility, systems change and results measurement. Each day of the event is devoted to at least one topic which then will be interrelated to one another. On Monday we will look at systemic approaches to e+i in fragile contexts. On Tuesday we will see the practical application of disaster insurance and dual vocational education in Switzerland. Wednesday morning is devoted to results measurement, and in the afternoon, there will be time to go into details regarding current domain specific processes.

Here, you will find the links to all the relevant reports on the different topics and programme items. You can also access them via the drop-down menu above, or by clicking on the “view report” links on the programme overview.

Day 1: Fragility & Systems Change
→ Fragility & Systems Change: Inputs
→ e+i Market Place

Day 2: Field Visits
→ VSD: The Vocational Education System of Switzerland
→ PSD/FSD: Swiss Hail – A Disaster Insurance Cooperative
→ Reflections on the Field Visits

Day 3: Results Measurement and e+i Work in Progress
→ VSD: Results Measurement with COIs and Results Frameworks
→ PSD/FSD: Training on Financial and Economic Project Evaluation
→ e+i Work in Progress: VSD in Rural Areas
→ e+i Work in Progress: PSD/FSD and M4P

Day 4: Open Space / World Café
→ e+i World Café
→ f2f Evaluation Results