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The Sustainable Development Agenda as well as the Message on International Cooperation 2017-2020 call for collaborations between public and private sector in order to achieve the ambitious goals. With C K Prahalad and his bestseller Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid  (2005) integrating the poor into business models and the core of the concept of inclusive businesses is nothing new, but has evolved and grown further. A diverse range of thinking in the business and public world and various approaches on how to contribute to poverty reduction exist. On this page you will find recommended publications, events and trainings on this vast and evolving topic.

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​​​ Relevant Documents

Brick by Brick - The Herculean Task of Cleaning up the Asian Brick Industry 2008PSD; Inclusive Business
m4p seminar - Market Opportunities for Rural Entrepreneurs Project - Mongolia - 2010-05 2010M4P; Inclusive Business
fsd projects microinsurance - res-risk poster v5 1 18apr12 2012Inclusive Business; FSD
fsd projects microinsurance - riice-factsheet 2012Inclusive Business; FSD
Policy Brief on Expanding Networks for Inclusive Entrepreneurship Inclusive Business
Velafrica BBL 2016-09 Velafrica Praesentation 2016Inclusive Business; PSD; VSD
2016-09 SC-Forum Bjoern - Introduction to blended finance for social entrepreneurs and social business 2016Inclusive Business; FSD
SDC 20160930 SDC EI F2F Report Prishtina 20-23 Sept (en) 2016Inclusive Business; Private Sector Participation; VSD; HowTo
OECD; FAO OECD FAO - Guidance - Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains - 2016 (en) 2016Inclusive Business; Value Chain Development; HowTo; PSD; VSD; Inclusive Business
OECD; FAO OECD FAO - Guidance - Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains - 2016 (fr) 2016Inclusive Business; Value Chain Development; HowTo; PSD; Inclusive Business
OECD; FAO OECD FAO - Guidance - Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains - 2016 (de) 2016Inclusive Business; Value Chain Development; PSD; Inclusive Business
Kauffman Fondation Kauffman Fondation - Study - measuring entrepeneurial ecosystem - 03 - 2015 2015Inclusive Business; M4P; PSD; HowTo; Inclusive Business
CSSP CSS - Fundamentals of Modern Philanthropy - 2014 2014Impact Investing; Inclusive Business; PSD; FSD
ODI ODI - Working Paper - Mixing Business and Social - 2013 (en) 2013Inclusive Business; Business Environment; PSD; Inclusive Business
DCED DCED - Report - Creating an enabling environment for Inclusive Business - 2016 - en 2016Business Environment; Inclusive Business; PSD; Inclusive Business
UNDP UNDP - Presentation - AFIM Regiopnal Value Chain Projects - 01-2015 2015Inclusive Business; Impact Investing; Value Chain Development; PSD; Inclusive Business
Acumen Acumen - Report - Women and Social Enterprises - 2015 (en) 2015Gender WEE; Inclusive Business; M4P; PSD; HowTo
ADB ADB- report - inclusive-business-women 2016 2016Gender WEE; M4P; Inclusive Business; PSD; HowTo; Inclusive Business
2016-09 SDC F2F - Presentation - Social Entrepreneurship in Albania 2016Inclusive Business
2016-09 SDC F2F - Presentation - Social Entrepreneurship in Serbia 2016Inclusive Business
2016-09 SDC F2F - Presentation - Social Entrepreneurship Presentation - YEP 2016Inclusive Business
2016-09 SDC F2F - Presentation - Social Entrepreneurship Presentation in Macedonia 2016Inclusive Business
SDC 2016-09 SDC F2F - Definitions - Social Entrepreneurship 2016Inclusive Business; PSD; Inclusive Business
SDC 2016-09 SDC F2F - Presentation - Social Entrepreneurship Presentation in Macedonia 2016Inclusive Business; PSD; Inclusive Business
2016-09 SDC F2F - Presentation - Social Entrepreneurship Presentation - YEP 2016Inclusive Business; PSD; Inclusive Business
SDC 2016-09 SDC F2F - Presentation - Social Entrepreneurship in Serbia 2016Inclusive Business; PSD; Inclusive Business
2019-09 SDC F2F Pristina - Follow-up - Social Entrepreneurship in WBA (en) 2016Inclusive Business; PSD; Inclusive Business
DCED How to create an enabling environment for inclusive business 2017PSD; Inclusive Business; Business Environment; Inclusive Business
Universität Basel CAS in Global Social Entrepreneurship 2018General Topics; EPS; EPS; PSD; Inclusive Business
OCED OCED Latin America Economic Outlook 2017 - Youth, Skills and Entrepreneurship 2016PSD; VSD; Inclusive Business

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​​​ ​Relevant News

Brian Milder from Root Capital and director of the council on smallholder agriculutral finance (CSAF) shared his insights on how to enable small agricultural businesses through access to finance to reach their full potential for their communities with SDC staff on the 28th of August 2018.

Based on a recently conducted study, he shared hard facts of the financing gaps these small agricultural businesses face, especially when it comes to access to finance; equally, he presented how donors could play a critical role in bridiging the financing gap for these small agriculutral businesses and smallholder farmers. 

Find the presentation here! 

ANDE’s Research and Impact team is excited to release the latest edition of the State of Measurement in the SGB Sector.


The landscape of approaches to impact measurement has transformed since ANDE first investigated how and what our members measure in 2014. This paper provides an update on the state of measurement practice in the SGB sector. Ultimately, we hope this information can help develop more effective, rigorous, and actionable measurement for the sector.


ANDE surveyed 30 members about their measurement practices and found that:

  • All investors and half of capacity development providers use IRIS.
  • Half of our sample collects household data.
  • Capacity development providers tend to focus on business performance outcomes for the SGB while investors more often focus on the SGB reach and quality.
  • Nearly all respondents spent less than 5% of their annual budget on measurement.
  • Organizations that collect household-level data spend about the same on measurement as those that do not.
  • Over half of ANDE organizations surveyed said they have no full-time staff person dedicated to measurement.
  • Read the Report here.

Accelerate2030 has launched its second edition! Impact Hub, UNDP and partners are joining forces to support and promote the most promising impact-driven ventures across the globe who focus on tackling the SDGs and are ready to scale. Read more here. finalists will receive customized support for 9 months and and a chance to present their company at the Social Good Summit this October in Geneva, Switzerland.  


Apply here by 18th June! Check out their short video here.



A call to action to business leaders to align with the SDGs. This report by the Business and Sustainable Development Comission shows how the next decade will be critical for companies to open 60 key market "hot spots", tackle social, environmental challenges, and re-build trust with society.

Find the executive summary of this report here.

Enjoy a very short video where Swisscontact explains its role as a facilitator in the chicken/ maize value chain in Bangladesh: here 

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University accelerates global, innovation-based entrepreneurship in service to humanity.
The article was written by Joe Schuchter, Associate Director of Social Impact Assessment, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

Find the article here.
The Harvard Business Review published an article on August 15th 2016 about Entrepreneurship and the U.S. foreign aid.

To read the article click here.

​​​ Relevants Events

01 August To 23 May 2019 01 August To 23 May 2019 in Basel 01 August in Basel

This certificate course follows the idea of project-based learning. Participants get the opportunity to test and execute the
contents directly on real-time projects in social enterprises around the world. The course is designed for leaders of social
initiatives, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), and enterprises that target global challenges of our society (e.g. child health,
education, migration, etc.).

Learn more about this program, shaping the next generation of nonprofit leaders here. 

03 October To 06 October 2017 03 October To 06 October 2017 in Chenelet, France 03 October in Chenelet, France

Together with HEC Business School and Ashoka, Hystra is holding the 5th edition of this program. It provides a unique and comprehensive package to prepare corporate executives in charge of designing, launching or scaling Inclusive Business projects. This intensive 3.5 days program condenses experiential learning and immersion, cutting-edge academic content, insights from pioneers in the field and peer-to-peer learning. We also welcome social entrepreneurs, executives from large NGOs, international aid agencies and impact investors looking to better understand the social innovation field. These sessions are held in French or English depending on participants' requirements.

For more Information and application, check out the brochure.  

06 June To 10 June 2017 06 June To 10 June 2017 in Chicago, USA 06 June in Chicago, USA

Those who are playing at the nexus of technology, investment, philanthropy, international development, and business come together to investigate solutions and catalyze inspired partnerships that are disrupting history. If we are obsessed with anything, it is great people. We convene the world’s most potent leaders, thinkers, and practitioners with an unwavering bias towards action and a push towards scale.

For the full program and registration, visit the offical website here.  

27 May To 26 September 2017 27 May To 26 September 2017 in Leesburg, VA 27 May in Leesburg, VA

Each year, the ANDE Annual Conference is the largest gathering of members from around the globe. The event is targeted at senior-level executives of ANDE member organizations, including leading investors, capacity development providers, foundations, banks, corporations, DFIs and research institutions. The highly interactive agenda features workshops on solutions to common challenges, networking sessions, and plenaries with leading thinkers in the SGB space. The ANDE Annual Conference is designed to deliver the following value to ANDE members: 

  • Build stronger relationships and promote collaboration among ANDE Members
  • Provide a forum for developing solutions to common challenges
  • Foster the development of ANDE regional chapters
  • Enable members to realize new funding and investment opportunities
  • Shape ANDE priorities for the following year

For more Information, visit the Website here.  

03 May To 03 May 2017 03 May To 03 May 2017 in online 03 May in online

Roots of Impact and VIVA Idea, partnership with Ashoka and the INCAE Business School are launing an online course about "Access to Impact Investment for Social Enterprises” on May 3rd 2017. It is the first ever free online course guiding social entrepreneurs through the entire journey of attracting impact investment.  Please click here to find out more.

04 April To 06 April 2017 04 April To 06 April 2017 in online 04 April in online

6:30 PM IST | 6:00 PM PKT | 2:00 PM BST | 10:00 AM BRT | 9:00 AM EST

Where: To attend the webinar, please RSVP above AND click this link.

Please join us for an informed, interactive discussion of social enterprise and women’s empowerment that will examine questions such as:

  • Why are women choosing social enterprise?
  • Does social enterprise provide an effective platform for women’s empowerment?
  • Are women able to access the same resources to grow social enterprises as men?
  • To what extent are social enterprises challenging or reinforcing gender stereotypes?
  • Do social enterprises change men's attitudes and behaviour towards women?

This opportunity will be available for up to 100 participants to examine and discuss the early findings of new research on women’s empowerment and social enterprise (focusing on the UK, USA, India, Pakistan, and Brazil). Participation will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

31 May To 04 June 2017 31 May To 04 June 2017 in Bern, Switzerland 31 May in Bern, Switzerland

For more Information about the event, click here.

11 May To 12 May 2017 11 May To 12 May 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland 11 May in Geneva, Switzerland
The conference aims to deepen understanding of the labour market effects of various types of skill mismatch and how they can be best measured in different country contexts. It will include ILO research and also present the work of other partner international organizations. For more information and the registration form click here.
23 May To 25 May 2017 23 May To 25 May 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand 23 May in Bangkok, Thailand

The SEEP Network is hosting an international conference on women’s economic empowerment (WEE) and the fundamental systemic barriers which impede scalable and sustainable change. The forum will bring together leading stakeholders in the field of WEE in order to facilitate dialogue, build global learning connections and promote effective practice and police to address the needs of very poor and marginalized women around the world. The ultimate goal and frame of the convening will focus on how we can contribute to systemic shifts that help women to realise sustainable economic empowerment across sectors. >>more

08 May To 19 May 2017 08 May To 19 May 2017 in Turin 08 May in Turin

​This Academy is a unique learning, knowledge-exchange and networking opportunity for everyone who wants to make a difference in the area of skills development and TVET in developing and emerging economies. It is directed at policy makers, government officials, social partner representatives and other experts and practitioners working in national institutions and NGOs, but also at experts working at the regional and international level. The Academy aims at stimulating learning and knowledge exchange on policies, challenges and options for building effective, responsive and inclusive skills development and TVET systems. Read more here. Deadline for application is 20 March 2017.

08 February To 08 February 2017 08 February To 08 February 2017 in online 08 February in online

31 January To 31 January 2017 31 January To 31 January 2017 in online 31 January in online

​ANDE SA invites interested parties to a webinar on youth and entrepreneurship in South Africa. The webinar will discuss models in youth skills development and the acceleration of youth enterprises in South Africa. South African youth have been under the spotlight for the past two years with the #feesmustfall campaign, which has highlighted some of the major challenges that the largest demographic group in South Africa faces, such as a high youth unemployment rate of 54%, low skills development accompanied by a slow formal tertiary admission for the majority of youth. Join us as we discuss youth entrepreneurship development and employment with ANDE members, Columba Leadership and Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

(RSVP Here)

28 November To 28 November 2016 28 November To 28 November 2016 in online 28 November in online

28 November 9AM EST | 2PM GMT |5PM Nairobi | 730PM Delhi

Wouldn't it be great if we could crack the question of how to scale inclusive business?
With 50 years of experience between them, two leading experts have recentlyshared their wisdom in two books. Sodrawing on Ted London's framework and Olivier Kayser'spathway, do we have the answers we need? 

Hear what Ted and Olivier have to say about scaling up inclusivebusiness in this webinaron November 28th at 3.00pm CET, hosted by the Practitioner Hub for InclusiveBusiness and sponsored by DFID.

Register now!

30 November To 30 November 2016 30 November To 30 November 2016 in online 30 November in online

The British Council will present findings from their study on the social enterprise sectors in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. The webinar will discuss information about the number and growth of social enterprises as well as their operations and turnover. The findings also includes data about the impact they deliver, the beneficiaries they serve, and the challenges they face.Representatives from the three countries will also join the webinar to respond to the findings.

When: 30th November 2016, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm IST
Contact: Devyani Singh,

For more information please click here.

17 November To 17 November 2016 17 November To 17 November 2016 in online 17 November in online

16 September To 16 September 2016 16 September To 16 September 2016 in Bern 16 September in Bern

Velafrica will present their business model and show how they support social entrepreneurs in Africa.

For further information about the BBL please click here. Here you can find the introduction PPP and here the presentation of Velafrica.

19 September To 21 September 2016 19 September To 21 September 2016 in Bern 19 September in Bern

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