​Read more about Disaster Risk Reduction 

Prevention web: web platform on DRR per country/region, per hazard, per themes

Past Disasters

EM-DAT : # deaths, affected people, economic losses (by country and type of hazard)
DESINVENTAR : more detailed, covers 82+ countries (hosted by UNISDR)
Germanwatch Global Climate Risk Index (extreme weather events, deaths & direct losses):
Munich RE NatCatSERVICE : (requires registration for datasets older than the last year)

Risk per country

INFORM Index for Risk Management (IASC – EU/EC) :

World Risk Report (Entwicklung Hilft - UNU)

Global Assessment Reports (UNISDR), every 2 years, by country:

GFDRR Climate Risk and Adaptation Country Profiles (88 countries):

Early Warning

GDACS - Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System is a cooperation framework between the United Nations, the European Commission and disaster managers worldwide to improve alerts, information exchange and coordination in the first phase after major sudden-onset disasters: 

IASC Early warning services:

GLEWS -The Joint FAO–OIE–WHO Global Early Warning System for health threats and emerging risks at the human–animal–ecosystems interface

FEWS NET - Famine Early Warning System: