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The DRR Newsletter is one of the resources of SDC’s Disaster Risk Reduction Network to share information on Disaster Risk Reduction and the link to sustainable development. It also serves to encourage dialogue, mutual understanding and trust between political, administrative and technical actors involved in this crucial issue. The DRR newsletter is published bianualy in English.

The newsletter is designed to caputure the latest news from the DRR network, highlights on the topic disaster resilience and related updates on events and  activities. 

Members of the DRR Network are welcome to send us relevant news from the field or from partnerships (articles, publications, etc.), which you think may be of interest to SDC's DRR Network. Please send the news directly to the Nadia.Benani@eda.admin.ch (Focal Point). We also kindly invite ou to provide us with your feedback on how to improve the newsletter.








SDC Disaster Risk Reduction News Newsltter August 2015




Please find here the SDC DRR newsletter January-July 2015. The SDC DRR network is working along thematic learning cycles of 6 months each. Integrated Disaster Risk Management has been the 1st theme of the year, presented in this newsletter. I wish you a pleasant lecture and remain at your disposal for any comment, need for clarification.


Next newsletter will be shared in December 2015, under the theme "Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction ".

For further information, contact: Nadia Benani





















SDC Disaster Risk Reduction News - Newsletter August 2015



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 Newsletter January 2015






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