About Disaster Risk Reduction Network

About the SDC Disaster Risk Reduction Network

The Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Network of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) promotes the integration of disaster risk reduction into the programmes and activities of SDC and its partners.

Members of this Network are SDC staff and its partners working in the different themes of disaster risk reduction.

DRR Network functions are to:

1. Promote learning and pass on professional and methodical knowledge

2. Provide theme-related operational advice to the organizational units within the network

3. Capitalize on experience and formulate good practices.


Flood Management course for the SDC DRR network members: excursion in Thun April 2015

Purpose of SDC Thematic Networks and Responsibilities

The networks aim at improving coordination and communication among constituents within the organizational structure of SDC and with its stakeholders externally. The purpose is for knowledge to become better integrated into the departments and for its operational utilization to be enhanced. The networks provide a framework in which knowledge is exchanged and skills are built and maintained. 

Join the SDC DRR Network
If you are interested to become a member of the SDC DRR Network (criteria to be fulfilled: being part of an institution and related with SDC-activities), please contact Nadia Benani, the DRR Network Focal Point at the below listed e-mail address. Please indicate your motivation and your affiliation or partnership with the SDC in order to review your application. Thank you for interst and your cooperation.

​SDC DRR Network (follow us on Twitter @SwissHumanAidUnit)

Contact: Gentiane Schwarzer (gentiane.schwarzer@eda.admin.ch), DRR Network Moderator