SDC DRR Network

                                                                        SDC DRR Network and its linkages

SDC thematic networks

The institutional mandate of the SDC thematic networks is to exchange knowledge and experience in various thematic areas - DRR being one of them - and to upgrade the competence of its members. The networks aim at improving coordination and communication among constituents within the organizational structure of SDC and with its external stakeholders. SDC network members are SDC staff and its partners. The purpose is to enhance thematic knowledge for its integration into the departments and for its operationalisatio. The networks provide a framework in which knowledge is exchanged and skills are built and maintained, with the following functions. 

1. Promote learning and pass on professional and methodical knowledge

2. Provide theme-related operational advice to the organizational units within the network

3. Capitalize on experience and formulate good practices.

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SDC DRR Network

The DRR network consists of a Network Management Team and around 300 members. Network members are interested SDC staff and its implementing partners (NGOs, civil society organisations, academic partners, private sector, Swiss governmental institutions) working in the field of DRR. All members, supported by the Network Management Team, proactively contribute to exchange knowledge, build skills and maintain them. The secretariat is hosted by the SDC Humanitairan Aid, Multilateral Affairs Division.

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The SDC DRR Network collaborates closely with the following thematic networks and Humanitarian Aid Expert Groups:

SDC Humanitarian Aid Expert groups 

Expert group Environment & DRR

Expert group Construction

Expert group Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (former WES)

Expert group Medical

Expert group Rescue

Swiss Humanitarian Aid Competence Center  (shacc, mainly related to the expert groups water and construction)