Apr 10
E-discussion on gender responsive and socially inclusive budgeting

Dear colleagues,
We are writing to invite you to take part in an e-discussion on gender responsive and socially inclusive budgeting from 16-18 April. The e-discussion is part of a learning journey commissioned by the SDC and tailored for the members of SDC gender equality network and the DDLG network. The e-discussion offers a unique opportunity to learn from programmatic experiences of SDC partners from all over the world.

To take part in the e-discussion, please register at:
*Deadline: Thursday 5pm (GMT), 12th April

The learning journey on GRB and SIB explores current practices by SDC and key international development actors in order to design a programming framework, guidelines and support tools. In particular the learning journey will analyze and propose how socially inclusive budgeting (SIB) and gender responsive budgeting (GRB) can be integrated into local governance processes working on the expenditure-side of public finance management.

The e-discussion, which will be co-ordinated and facilitated by colleagues at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), aims to capture your experiences in engaging communities, CSOs and governments in SIB/GRB processes and how these processes have enabled a dialogue on inclusive budgeting between the state and its citizens.

We warmly encourage you to share your own experiences, insights and recommendations, which would allow other network members to learn from you and also form the basis for further discussion in the SDC event taking place in Ukraine in May.

The e-discussion will take place over three days (April 16-18).

  • On Day 1 we will be looking at community mobilization and CSO involvement in gender responsive and socially inclusive budgeting programmes.
  • On Day 2 we will explore questions about building state capacity and what enables state-citizen engagement in these programmes.
  • On Day 3 we will open time for synthesis, reflection, and look at the key issues and recommendations emerging from the discussion in the previous days.

We look forward to your registration!

Corinne Huser
Senior Policy Advisor Democratisation, Decentralisation and Local Governance (DDLG), SDC

Ursula Keller
Senior Gender Policy Advisor, SDC


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