May 30
Launch Shareweb Learning Journey ‘Governance in fragile contexts’

Dear DDLG members

During the next 12 months the CHR and DDLG networks will engage on a joint learning journey on ‘Governance in fragile contexts’ and all you need to know you find on the journey's web page.

The aims of the Learning Journey are:

Capitalize on experience from DDLG programs in fragile contexts through collaborative learning and knowledge sharing and establish a shared understanding of different approaches and guidance on the planning, implementing and monitoring of DDLG programs in fragile contexts.

With the support of IDS, we will closely work together with the cooperation offices of Afghanistan, Burundi, Honduras, Egypt, Mali, and Ukraine to capitalize on their experiences and learning. While this will be an important part of the journey, we are dependent on the additional sharing of experiences of the other cooperation offices as well as our partners. You can do this via the newsblog or contact us directly. Thank you in advance!

We are happy if you aliment the Shareweb page as much as we do and are looking forward to an interesting year!  

Warm regards, the DDLG team


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