Sep 07
"Facilitated" Political Economy Analysis Process in the Horn of Africa

​Dear Network members

The cooperation offices in Nairobi and Addis are embarking on an interesting journey. They are looking for consultants knowledgeable in Political Economy Analysis, that would lead a process, where they facilitate the analysis in close collaboration with the office. The aim is twofold:

(1) To support the Cooperation Office in reflecting on and analyzing the context in Somalia, and the arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya and Ethiopia and its implications for the priority areas of future intervention of Swiss cooperation (Swiss Cooperation Program 2022-2025), according to a logic of a political economy analysis (PEA).

(2) To do this in a “facilitated way”, meaning that the involved office staff is actually learning about the method by doing the analysis together with the consultants. Therefore, the inclusion and participation of the office staff is a key aspect of the mandate, and also helps that new knowledge and reflections are owned and used in the office for the implementation of the future Cooperation Program.​

Deadline is already the 18th of September.



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