Aug 20
2 Webinars: How the Covid-19 Crisis Challenges Multi-level Governance in Asia

How the Covid-19 Crisis Challenges Resilience and Functionality of Multi-level Governance Systems in Asia 


The DeLoG Secretariat in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is organising two webinars exploring the implications of the Covid-19 crisis to multi-level governance systems in the Asia-Pacific region.   


These webinars are organised in partnership with the ADB, the Local Governance Initiative and Network (LOGIN) Asia and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ). Panelists will include representatives from several ADB-Developing Member Countries, ADB-staff, academics, and the OECD.  

The webinars are scheduled for and 10 September 2020, at 2 pm CEST (=8pm Manila time).  


The first webinar (2 September) on “Policies and Strategies Post Covid-19: How to strengthen Multi-level Systems in Asia” will look at policy and strategy challenges for Asia’s multi-level systems, explore how the political, fiscal and administrative features of multi-level systems can be improved to cope with the medium-term implications of Covid-19, and will also examine implications of the pandemic for realising the 2030 Agenda in the region, and for the efforts to localise SDGs.  

Online registration for this webinar is open now.   


The second webinar (10 September) on “Coping with the Crisis: Multi-level Systems in Action” will discuss practical experiences of different countries in the region in responding to the Covid-19 situation, looking in more detail at the respective roles and mandates of each level of government, and the effectiveness of existing mechanisms and processes of coordination and communication between levels of government.   

Online registration for this webinar is open now.  





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