Feb 05
Online course on Political Economy Analysis

Online course on Political Economy Analysis  

The Policy Practice and ODI are delighted to announce the opportunity to undertake our Political Economy Analysis in Action training Course: 

The training is based on the flagship face-to-face course we have provided over 35 times since 2008 for DFID and other organisations, including the Netherlands Foreign Ministry, Belgian Technical Cooperation, GIZ, Irish Aid, the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia, the IMF, the European Commission and UNDP.
The course is delivered by David Booth of ODI and Alex Duncan of The Policy Practice (TPP) with Tim Kelsall (ODI) and Neil McCulloch (TPP). It is facilitated by Samantha Wade of TPP.

What is the course and who is it for?
Political economy analysis is about understanding the contexts – national, sectoral and local – in which development happens and the incentives that determine how the relevant actors behave and interact with each other.
The course is designed to equip advisers and programme managers to identify key political and institutional challenges and opportunities in a variety of different contexts, and to draw well-grounded conclusions for strategy, and programme design and implementation.

By the end of the course, participants will understand:
- What political economy analysis is, and where it comes from
- How it can be used to improve development policy and programme design and management
- What tools and frameworks are available for PEA and how they can be applied


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