Jan 14
Embassy of Switzerland in Egypt is seeking the support of external consultant

Domain one (Democratic Processes and Human Rights) at the Embassy of Switzerland in Egypt, is seeking the support of external consultant- with a solid SDC background- in developing two credit proposals (SDC-single phase modality). The assignment is to develop the present leads: 1) Enhancing the governance of the child justice system and 2) Empowering independent media for more transparent and accountable governance, into two comprehensive credit proposals. Detailed tasks and deliverables are attached as part of the Terms of Reference (ToR).
We are reaching out to you asking for your kind support to advertise the ToRs on the DDLG/Governance Network and the Fragility, Conflict and Human Rights Network All submissions should be sent as PDF files to by 10:00 am Friday January 17th 2020, with the subject line “SDC Proposal Writing Consultancy.”


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