Sep 11
Report to the HLPF on Localizing the SDGs

We are pleased to post The Global Alliance Report on SDG16+.
And below information from Edgardo Bilsk.

Best regards,

DDLG Thematic Unit


Dear members and partners,

Thank you very much for your cooperation in the process of reporting to the UN High Level Political Forum on SDGs, for the first time, from the perspective of local and regional governments

Over 30 national associations of local and regional government have contributed to this report and a total of 63 Voluntary national Review have been analyzed to assess the involvement of local and regional governments in the process of localizing the SDGs. With your support, UCLG has facilitated the report for the Global taskforce on the National and sub-national governments on the way towards the localization of the SDGs. It’s our privilege to share it with you. It showcases your crucial role in mobilizing LRGs in addition to raising awareness of national governments in doing so.

> In 37 countries, local and regional government are mentioned as having taken part in the consultation process.

> In 27 countries, local and regional government are included in high-level coordination or consultation mechanism to ensure the implementation and follow-up.

The report raises challenging issues on the extent to which sub-national governments are granted with the means of implementing to localize the SDGs.

>In 19 countries, decentralization or devolution is singled out as crucial in the implementation of SDGs and 11 more referred to the need to strengthen local governance.

>In 25 countries, concrete progress in aligning the SDGs in local plans and actions have been implemented, even though top-down approaches are still dominant in some countries.

During the following two weeks, the report will be presented in several occasion by the delegation of Local and regional governments participating at the HLPF in New York. We invite you and your network to actively continue advocating for LRG seat in the “reporting table”.

We will communicate through #local4action and #HLPF2017.

Best regards

Edgardo Bilsky | Tel: +34 93 342 8764 |e.bilsky@uclg. org |  


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