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Governance in fragile contexts

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What does ‘out of fragility’ and ‘conflict-sensitivity’ mean for programming in Democratization, Decentralization and Local Governance?


Together with the CHR network, DDLG takes up this question in its 2017 Learning Journey on ‘Governance in fragile contexts’. The overall aim is to capitalize on experience from DDLG programs in fragile contexts through collaborative learning and knowledge sharing, to establish shared understanding on possible approaches and guidance on the planning, implementing and monitoring of DDLG programs in fragile contexts.

On this shareweb site you find:

  • Documents on the learning journey
  • Documents on the topic of governance in fragile contexts
  • (Guidance) Documents of SDC (see the background document list here below)

Six country offices serve as more in-depth case-studies in the learning journey: Afghanistan, Burundi, Egypt, Honduras, Mali, and Ukraine. We have established closed user groups for all the works on these case studies. The Institute for Development Studies IDS supports and accompanies the learning journey. Interested? Please have a look at the site or contact us:

Created on our learning journey

 Background documents

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