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Local governance


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 Key Reading Documents


    Learning Project 8 Case Studies

    SDC | 2018 | Global, | Key Reading

    The case study focuses on the outcomes and impacts of social audit practices in the framework of the Improved Livelihood of Rural Communities (ILRC) project implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in Afghanistan.


    Learning Project Analysis of SDC Case Studies

    SDC | 2018 | Global, | Key Reading

    This section analyses twelve case studies on civil society participation and accountability in local governance processes. It looks at power issues and the analysis of power, the role of civil society and participation of civil society in local governance, accountability mechanisms and experiences, alignment with national policies and systems, and specific issues in fragile contexts.


    Learning Project Practitioner-Brief

    SDC | 2013 | Global, | Key Reading

    As part of the learning project, eight case studies and four mirror case studies1 were developed to assess approaches and extract key learnings based on the experience of SDC and selected other local governance programmes in a variety of contexts, including fragile ones.


    Learning Project Policy Makers Brief

    SDC, Helvetas | 2013 | Global, | Key Reading

    The objective of this brief is to provide policymakers with strategic recommendations to support project/programme teams in strengthening SDC’s programming in civil society participation and accountability based on key learnings from the case studies.


    Learning Project Synthesis of e-discussion

    SDC, Helvetas | 2013 | Global, | Key Reading

    The Learning Project was launched by SDC in the framework of DLGN and mandated to HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation. Recommendations were formulated on the basis of eight case studies and four mirroring cases and were further debated in an e-discussion conducted between the 9th and the 19th of April. This document is a synthesis of the main discussion points.


    Inclusive Local Governance for Poverty Reduction:A Review of Policies and Practices

    Institute of Development Studies, Intercooperation | | Global, | Key Reading

    This review looks at how and when do donor policies and initiatives for social inclusion in local governance processes and institutions really work to improve the lives of the poor.


    Addressing Poverty and Discrimination through Targeting and Affirmative Action

    Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal, SDC | 2014 | South Asia, | Key Reading

    An Approach Paper (Nepal).


    Reporting on Socially Inclusive Locak Governance, working groups 1 & 2

    SDC | | Global, | Key Reading

    Powerpoint presentation, reporting working groups 1&2.


    Four Case Studies on the Experience of SDC and its Partners in Supporting Socially Inclusive Local Governance

    Intercooperation, IDS | 2011 | Global, | Key Reading

    This document focuses on SDCʼs own practices and experiences in promoting social inclusion and empowering disadvantaged groups at the local level. To assist in engaging concretely with this experience, four case studies have been developed on four different types of social inclusion initiatives.


    SDC Guidelines and Toolkit for Local Governance Assessments

    SDC | 2012 | Global, | Key Reading

    Results of the Learning Project.


    LGA, a capitalization of SDC experience

    SDC, Intercooperation, IDS | 2011 | Global, | Key Reading

    Intercooperation (IC) and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) have been mandated by SDC to carry out a capitalization of SDC experience in conducting Local Governance Assessments (LGA) in the frame of SDC!s “Decentralization and Local Governance Network” (dlgn).

 Further Reading Documents