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Fiscal decentralisation

The learning journey took the Network through several steps:

  • In 2012 ddlgn published a learning book on "SDC Support for Sustainable Local Government Finances, Results of the Learning Project." The publication is based on a survey on international state of the art and on the analysis of 8 SDC case studies, which included a review by peers and e-discussion. First findings and recommendations were discussed and jointly agreed during the ddlgn f2f in Sarajevoin 2011. [Book][Survey]
  • In November 2014 ddlgn members engaged in an e-discussion on "Sustainable Local Government Financing: Issues and Experiences" [PDF], organised by ddlgn with the facilitation of IDS. The sessions focused on: i) the financing mix of local governments, ii) other sources of finance at the local level, beyond taxes and transfers iii) taxation and the social contract/accountability and iv) the possible impacts of different sources of financing on political and economic outcomes.
  • Selected examples emerging from the e-discussion (Serbia, Kosovo and Mozambique) have been further analysed. (See working paper perspectives from the field, 2016).
  • In a joint collaboration with the gendernet during 2015 an e-based stocktaking on gender and fiscal decentralisation has been conducted (May 2015) and an e-discussion on gender and taxation organised, with facilitation by IDS (September 2015). (See the summary reports).
  • During the ddlgn f2f in Pemba in June 2015 network members engaged in joint learning and discussion on the topic of fiscal transfers. This included expert inputs on definitions and concepts and the presentation, discussion of peer contributions from several countries.
  • In March 2016 ddlgn in collaboration with IDS organised a learning retreat on Subnational Taxation and Financing for its members. The programme included expert inputs on basic concepts, presentation and discussion of IDS research findings and of SDC peer experience.
  • Besides ddlgn, the topic of fiscal decentralisation was followed by several regional dynamics: A paper on "Municipal and Decentralized Budget Support" [PDF], prepared by the regional governance advisor for the Western Balkans, followed by a "Quality Assurance Workshop on Performance Based Budget Support" in Macedonia, 19./20.11. 2014.[Docs][PDF] The issues of fiscal transfers and taxation were also prominently addressed during other Western Balkans regional workshops. The Asia network LOGIN is regularly offering e-courses on fiscal decentralization for its members, also including ddlgn members. In 2015 it has organized a high level Asia seminar on the topic of "local development funds". [Report]

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