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​​​​​​​​​​​Political Economy Learning Event

19 - 21 September 2016, Harare, Zimbabwe​

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The Southern, Eastern, North Africa and Palestine Division (SENAP) conducted a learning event on Political Economy from 19th to 21st September 2016 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Previous analyses have shown that in SENAP contexts, technical and financial solutions alone cannot be sufficient to achieve good results in development work. A political economy analysis can be an important tool for improving the effectiveness of development assistance. It focuses on how power and resources are distributed and contested in different contexts, and analyses what the implications of this resource and power distribution is for development outcomes. It reveals the underlying interests, incentives, and institutions that enable or hinder change. With the aim to design politically smart programs that produce tangible results beyond traditional designs on well-known issues, participants engaged in a 3-day course.​

Day 1

SENAP cooperated with the consultancy 'The Policy Practice' based in London. The course was structured along three parts, according to the following programme (You can find all the attachments below, according to each day course. The PDF of the whole course will be also available at the bottom of the page, below "workshop documents".):​

 Documents Day 1

Day 2

Application of the method in a particular sector:

 Documents Day 2

Day 3

Practical issues (TORs, challenges when commissioning a study, dissemination)​.

 Documents Day 3

​The course was well received. If your division or Country Office is interested in the theme, do not hesitate to contact us. ​