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​​World Development Report 2017

2 May 2017, Bern

This year's World Development Report (WDR) on GOVERNANCE AND THE LAW is of particular interest and importance to DDLG and SDC overall and this is why together with the Global Institutions Division and seco we decided to invite Mr. Luis-Felipe Lopez-Calva for a Swiss Launch of the WDR 2017. The report is already now (after its publication in February 2017) the second most downloaded WDR of the bank.

At the event (see programme), Director-General Manuel Sager introduced with an opening remark, followed by the presentation of the report by Co-Lead Author Luis-FelipeLopez-Calva from the World Bank and two replies, one from SDC by Ambassador and Assistant-Director General Elisabeth von Capeller (Head of Domain Cooperation with Eastern Europe) and from seco by Rosmarie Schlup (Head of the Macroeconomic Support Unit).


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