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​Expert Workshop on Gender Responsive and Socially Inclusive Budgeting

30 October 2019, Bern, Switzerland

Seco (Macroeconomic Support Unit) and SDC (Gender and Governance Networks) are happy to invite you to a workshop on Socially Inclusive and Gender Responsive Budgeting (SIB/GRB). The objective of SIB/ GRB is to promote social inclusion and gender equality and ensure equitable economic and social outcomes for marginalized groups. It addresses key principles that are critical to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Leaving No One Behind (LNOB) and is anchored in the Financing for Development Agenda stressing that increased investment and mobilization of financial resources is required to close resource gaps to achieve these goals.

The workshop provides a platform to exchange among experts on SIB/GRB policies and practices, based on SDC’s new guidance of the topic (see guidance sheet and working paper) and approaches of other key stakeholders (including multilateral and civil society actors). The aim is to come to a common understanding on definitions, challenges and opportunities. In particular, the four following questions will guide the overall content discussion:

  1. Existing interventions of SIB and GRB often focus on the first parts of the PFM cycle, the empowerment of marginalized voices in the development of the budget. How can we make sure that there is a recognition and uptake of gender and social inclusion in the rest of the PFM cycle?
  2. Many localized experiences of SIB/GRB exist in local economic development or municipal support programs. There are also very elaborate and good frameworks at the national level, but often they lack “take up” at the local level. How can the local level experiences be better linked to policy discussions at the national level and vice versa?
  3. In the context of fragile PFM systems, limited capacities and data constraints, how can GRB elements be prioritized not to overburden institutions, while focusing on key reforms?
  4. Support to PFM has been established as an “own development field”, with professional associations and organizations working both at national and international levels. How can a constructive dialogue be fostered between the communities working on PFM and those working on gender and social inclusion?
  5. How, and at what point in the project cycle should political and power considerations be integrated, and what does this imply for project design?

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