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Political economy course

11 - 13 September 2019, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

As a follow-up to the regional F2F Governane in March 2018, a course was organized by the Western Balkans Division at HQ and DDLG on Political Economy Analysis from 11-13 September 2019. The aim of the course was to: (1) Improve participants’ understanding of PEA and its the different possible analytical levels, approaches and tools (including links to conflict sensitivity as well as power analysis); (2) Review particular challenges in project implementation and jointly identify measures to solve the issues to increase project effectiveness and impact; (3) identify key moments in the project cycle to routinely incorporate and update PEA insights to promote adaptive programme management.

The workshop was not organized as a formal training, but served as a platform for both learning new concepts/tools and the exchange of experiences between practitioners from SDC Western Balkans teams. The programme was designed around the needs and expectations of the participants based on a questionnaire that has been sent beforehand. Case studies were discusses from Albania and Serbia (parliamentary support) as well as North Macedonia (ecological program). The course was mainly organized around interactive discussions and just a few presentations, as well as peer-to-peer exchanges on specific issues.


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