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Roma Inclusion seminar 2018 : Working through government institutions with a focus on municipalities

12 - 15 March 2018, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

After the first seminar in 2012 (Belgrade), two other seminars have been organized with their own thematic focus: Bucharest 2015 on policy dialogue and institutionalisation, Tirana 2016: on existing trade-offs between effectiveness, sustainability and transformation in Roma inclusion support. Furthermore, starting at the Bucharest 2015 seminar, so-called learning trajectories gathering interested practitioners in series of virtual meetings (each 1-3 months) on specific topics, allow for exchanges and learning beyond the seminars.

This fourth Regional Workshop on Roma Social inclusion focuses on the approach taken by SDC in Bulgaria namely promoting Roma inclusion through government institutions. The seminar aims to explore the strengths and lessons regarding effectiveness, sustainability and transformation of this specific approach to institutionalisation. In that way, it will build on and continue the reflections held during the previous 3 seminars. Within this thematic framework, the objectives of the Seminar 2018 are:

  • To provide a learning and experience sharing platform on a predefined thematic issue , on which each participant will both take what can be useful for his/her work and provide insights from his/her context
  • To take stock of the experiences, good practices and lessons based on the last 5 years of reflections and exchange on Roma, social inclusion in SDC programs.

With a full day field visit in several small working groups (in Sliven, Plovdiv and Sofia) with specific tasks, the participants will have the opportunity to explore the viewpoints of different stakeholders (municipalities, service providers and Roma community, ministries) regarding SDC supported activities for Roma inclusion. These insights will be used to answer the following two questions:

  • What are the Pre-requisites/conditions to ensure effectiveness and sustainability of Roma social inclusion in the definition and implementation of public service delivery at municipal level?
    Goal: define the necessary (pre-) conditions for a sustainable system of Roma social inclusion through their access to and provision of good quality education and healthcare by improving local public services and national level policies on education and health care.
  • What is the best intervention strategy to ensure sustainability with a project of limited duration?
    Goal: Define the key components of a short-time intervention strategy (through government institutions) ensuring the successful systemic change for better social inclusion of Roma through education and health care services at local levels 


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