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​​​​​​​​​​​Innovative Approaches in Supporting Media

27 - 29 June 2017, Nairobi, Kenya

SDC members, media and development experts, and local media pioneers met in Nairobi to discuss ways to support regional media. The workshop was organized by SDC's Southern Africa, East and North Africa, Occupied Palestinian Territory Division (SENAP) in cooperation with DDLGN and the division Knowledge-Learning-Culture (KLC). It came as a continuation of the workshop "Experience Capitalisation Media", which was held in Kigali in 2016 and focused on experiences with media in different countries.

This year's workshop went one step further and integrated learnings from different experiences into country programmes. Members from SDC's offices in Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and RDC are currently implementing projects in the field of media support and were able to discuss those ongoing projects, while members from Mozambique and Egypt were able to collect insights for possible future projects in media support. 

In the run-up of this workshop, iMedia analyzed all media projects in SDC for their CapEx "Media inside SDC". Along with the diverse backgrounds of the guests including members from Fondation Hirondelle La Benevolencjia, Internews, BBC Media Action, UNDP and local journalists, this provided for a deep and fruitful discussion.

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Day 1 - Setting The Scence

Presentations of iMedia's CapEx "Media inside SDC", the SDC guidelines on media, a discussion about working in fragile contexts, country challenges and key question to be addressed at this workshop.

 Documents Day 1

Day 2 - Getting Inspired

Different organizations presented their innovative approaches and in an Innovation Share Fair. In the afternoon, there was an open discussion on the potentials and risks of social media.

 Documents Day 2


    Présentation de la Fondation Hirondelle

    Fondation Hirondelle | 2017 | East and Southern Africa,

    Yves Laplume présente le travail de la Fondation Hirondelle.


    Innovations in Media Support

    iMedia | 2017 | West Africa, East and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa,

    iMedia collected innovative approaches in media support: short descriptions of examples by Gates / Knight Foundation, Internews in DRC, Development Media International, BBC Media Action, etc.


    Example Buni Media

    Buni Media | 2017 | East and Southern Africa,

    Presentation about Buni Media, The Kenyan media non-profit uses innovative approaches to reform media into a critical voice that holds government accountable.

Day 3 - The Way Forward

In groups, the countries discussed their already existing media projects or how to include media in future country programmes.

 Documents Day 3


    Country Programme Results

    SDC | 2017 | East and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa,

    Results of the group work on country programmes: Tanzania, Mozambique, Egypt, Burundi, RDC, Rwanda


    Key Questions Addressed

    SDC | 2017 | East and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa,

    A summary of strategies, ideas and possible answers to the key questions and challenges that were defined at the beginning of the workshop.


    Final workshop report

    SDC, SENAP | 2017 | East and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa,

    ​​​​​​​Innovative Approaches in Supporting Media workshop