Workshop Experience Capitalisation Media

​​​​We want to learn what we are doing with media, what works well and what doesn't, and what the challenges are and how we can improve our way of doing based on the good practices of others.

SDC Eastern and Southern Africa Division (ESAD) is implementing a number of projects in the field of media-support in the DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. Related activities are conducted in Mozambique and Southern Africa. In cooperation with the SDC thematic Network Democratisation, Decentralisation, Local Governance (DDLGN) and the SDC division Knowledge-Learning-Culture (KLC), ESAD wanted to capitalise experiences made in that context to learn for the future. SDC staff, implementing partners and media actors from the region gathered at the workshop for an intense knowledge exchange. Additionally, the participation from Benin allowed to profit from a long lasting experience in media support.

The workshop took place from 23rd to 26th May 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda. The learning process was documented through video statements, pictures and many flipcharts. Please navigate through the learning journey in the report below. Additionally, you find the detailed notes of the flipcharts here on the shareweb under Country experiences and Thematic discussion.

View and download the workshop programme here.

All 15 digital stories produced in the pre-workshop in April 2016 can be viewed in this playlist



Thank you for your participation in the workshop.