On-going learnings streams

On-going learnings streams


​​What is a working group?
It is a internal plattfrom to work on current documents and exchange experiences.

This plattfrom is only available for SDC members.

The content of the old working groups has been migrated to this plattform.
As from now, all relevant documents may be accessed and worked on:
https://group.eda.admin.ch (internal use only)

Working groups of the FCHRnet correspond with FCHRnets main objective to

  • Promote learning and pass on professional and methodological knowledge
  • Provide theme-related operational advice to the organizational units within SDC
  • Capitalize on experience and formulate good practices

Topics for working groups

In the field of human rights and rule of law, context sensitive project and office management in fragile and conflict affected countries and peoples security related issues such as SSR (security sector reform), DDR (demobilization disarmament reintegration) and mines. Topics for working groups are suggested by the board of directors, theme responsible, focal point as well as FCHRnet members and are prioritized during the Face to Face or online discussions. Each working group shall be linked to the identification of «best operational practice».

For this a «critical mass» of FCHRnet members, including a balanced participation from field offices, representing the diversity of the FCHRnet will be necessary. Working groups are led by FCHRnet members as resource persons and supported by the Focal Point, who assumes the role as facilitator and thematic quality assurance. The clarification and specify of objectives, roles and responsibilities shall be elaborated for each working group through a consultation, based on individual fact sheets.