F2F Lausanne 2016

Face-to-Face 2016 (Lausanne, May 30-June 3 2016)



Gender Equality, Justice and Peace- & Statebuilding:  SDC's contribution to the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030

The 2016 Face-to-Face focused on the new Global Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Some 120 participants from Swiss Cooperation Offices and partner organizations attended the joint meeting of the Conflict & Human Rights Network and Gender Equality Network. The ultimate aim of the F2F was to capitalize the learnings from the field and to define new work streams for 2016-2018 in order to support SDG implementation, with a special focus on Goals 5 and 16. The field was provided a prominent platform to show what has worked and what has not with regard to policy and operations. In more than 30 workshops, the participants from over 30 different countries engaged in peer exchange on how to effectively support the Agenda 2030 in the fields of gender equality, justice, and peace- & statebuilding.

This joint F2F was of great benefit for the two networks, and it created a temporary community of practice of about 120 participants. The F2F showed that the operational and policy levels should go hand in hand, and that policy work has to be based on operational evidence. With a majority of participants from SDC's field offices, especially National Programme Officers, the F2F proved important to bring together topics and people working on these topics. SDC's projects proved that peace and development, justice and human rights cannot be achieved without gender equality, as gender equality cannot be achieved without peace, development and respect for human rights.

Follow this link for an exhaustive documentation of the 2016 F2F.