F2F 2011 Amman

F2F Amman 2011

​The SDC Conflict and Human Rights network was started in mid 2010. In 2011, it was high time to invite the SCO’s to become active partners. The first F2F meeting of the SDC Conflict and Human Rights Network took place with 47 participants in Amman, from 22 to 26 June 2011 (see report).

It was practice oriented, also, because the realities of Jordan, the Middle East and the Arab region were strongly reflecting into the workshops and discussions, including through the field visits around Amman, and the presence of the SDC colleagues from the area. The Human Rights Based Approach HRBA and the Conflict Sensitive Program Management CSPM in Fragile and Conflict affected Situations (FCS) were confirmed as main methodological focus areas of the network, the application of which will certainly be crucial support services of the network towards SDC. Practical exchange, trainings and further development on HRBA and CSP will be crucial work streams for the network in the coming future.

Furthermore, in view of the new overall SDC strategy 2013-2016, SDC intends to work more in fragile and conflict affected situations. The specific working methods like conflict sensitivity and the importance of human rights which are key topics of the CHRnet, are crucial for the way of how to work in these difficult situations, to be able to stay engaged with SDC programs and at the same time to contribute to protection and transformation, peace building and state building. – Apart from this, the importance of human rights for development in general (including in the not “fragile” situations) has in the last ten years become a key factor for development actors worldwide.

We are thankful for the COOF Amman for their readiness to host the meeting. The conflict and human rights situation in the Middle East will certainly inspire us not to lose sight of the dramatic realities for the affected people to which we relate to with the themes of our network.

The overall goals of the f2f meeting

The F2F meeting shall allow us to getting to know each other, to build common ground, to discuss how we work as a network and to define the goals and milestones of our further collaboration in 20011/2012. At the end of the day, our thematic efforts will be useful only if they are regarded to be supportive to the operational colleagues and the programs on the ground. The goals are:

  • To get acquainted with international/national expertise, guidelines and instruments for our work on conflict and human rights related issues and approaches
  • To learn from practical experiences / case studies / good practices / do’s and dont’s within and outside SDC; and to specifically also learn from the local context (Middle East)
  • To jointly formulate/confirm the C&HR network priorities and objectives for 2011-2012, and to launch the network dynamic, cohesion and communication