​The Fragility, Conflict and Human Rights Network

​​The Middle East and North Africa - Development and Fragility, Conflict & Human Rights Division, is the host for the Focal Point Fragility, Conflict and Human Rights (FCHR). The Focal Point FCHR is supported by a unit in the division and their responsibility is to act as a knowledge broker and support the quality of SDC’s interventions in terms of planning and execution. The thematic mandate contains among others SDC’s conflict and human rights agenda, which includes topics such as the prevention of violent extremism, demining and SDC’s human rights policy.      

A vibrant network is necessary to serve as the interface between policy and implementation and stimulates thematic learning and peer exchange. Furthermore, FCHRnet working groups contribute to the sensitization activities for selected topics and the FCHRnet Core Group ensures – in close collaboration with the Focal Points, the animation of the network and the conception of horizontal exchange and learning processes.


Thematic relevant documents:

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