Cash Workbook

Cash Workbook and Toolbox

​Cash Workbook (2nd edition, 2007)

SDC Cash Workbook

The aim of the SDC Cash Workbook is to make field-tested experience available. It may be used to implement high-quality Cash Projects in the broad spectrum of humanitarian contexts. Emphasis is placed on professional project cycle management (PCM). Moreover, this SDC Cash Workbook contains elements which may be helpful in a wider scope of project management issues that go beyond Cash Projects.

This workbook is addressed to practitioners, be they desk officers at HQ or project managers in the field. It is meant to be a useful guide for beginners as well as for senior staff working with cash-based responses.


Toolbox to the Cash Workbook

The Toolbox to the Cash Workbook consists of more than 100 documents to be used as examples, templates or checklists.

The table below reflects the Cash Workbook table of contents. All listed documents are available in the Cash Toolbox. The documents are labelled according to the corresponding chapter of the Cash Workbook.

Part / Chapter / Sub-chapterExample DescriptionExample
1.1 Problem analysis of humanitarian needsThe template is based on previous experiences and very useful for formulating "projects ideas" for cash approaches and in general.1.1_Project Idea_Template.doc

Explanatory remarks help for the elaboration of a project idea in a formalized way.1.1_Project Idea_Explanatory Remarks.doc
This example shows the ideas for a Cash Project, presented at a workshop. These ideas were developed further and finally implemented.1.2_Project Idea_Mongolia 2003.doc
1.2 Comparing cash to in-kind or vouchers
1.3 Preconditions for a Cash ProjectThe SDC Project team Cash recommended a set of Pre-Conditions to be applied during the Project Identification.1.3_Pre-conditions for Cash Projects.doc
2.1 Preparation of a project documentThere is no binding template for a project document. Following the structure of the "logical frame work" approach showed good results as the examples show.2.1_ Project Document_Mongolia 2002.doc
2.1_ Project Document_Aceh 2005.doc
2.1_ final Project Document Mongolia.doc
2.2 Planning an assessment missionThe ToR elaborated for the Cash Projects in Serbia 1999 and Macedonia 2002 served as examples for several following assessment missions.2.2_ToR Assessment_Serbia 1999.doc
2.2_ToR Assessment_Macedonia 2001.doc
This example shows the step by step approach during the elaboration of a project concept Cash for Herders Mongolia 2002.2.2_ToR Assessment-StartUp combined_Mongolia 2002.doc
2.3 Conducting an assessment missionThe collected catalogue of all kinds of reservations is also a very important base for the risk assessment and designing.2.3_Reservation on Cash_Mongolia 2002.doc
The ToRs of a designated project manager and for a joint assessment mission showed to be useful if a project has to start quickly.2.3_ToR Joint Assessment-Projectmanager_Georgia 2004.doc
2.3_ToR Joint Assessment-Consultants_Georgia 2004.doc
As soon as the Cash Project management starts to implement small projects, an adequate management tool has to be elaborated.2.3_Small Projects Management Tool_Ingushetia 2001.doc
The Cash for Host families Project Aceh had to start quickly. The outline summary supported internal and external communication, especially with the local authorities.2.3_Project Outline Summary_Aceh 2005.doc
2.4 Key data provided by an HQ or a donorDuring the mid-term review the original bench-marks were adjusted in accordance with the project development and approved by the HQ.2.4_Institutional Benchmarks_Adygaya 2003.doc
2.5 Beneficiary criteria and appropriate sizing of cash contributionsThese examples show how the potential number of beneficiaries was evaluated in two different projects.2.5_Estimation Number Hostfamilies_Macedonia 2001.xls
2.5_Estimation Number Hostfamilies_Aceh 2005.xls
This example shows how contribution sizing can be done in a situation where the local government and other donors are proclaiming cash projects yet not implementing it at the same time.2.5_Sizing Cash Contribution_Macedonia 2001.doc
This example shows quite basic considerations for a appropriate sizing of the cash contribution for a Cash for Host Families Project.2.5_Sizing Cash Contribution_Aceh 2005.doc
2.6 Risk AnalysisThe example risk analyses indicated an increasing potential concerning a possible increase in attempts for corruption by the local authorities. This point had an effect on the duration of the project planning it as short as possible.2.6_Risk Analysis_Aceh 2005.doc
2.7 Security assessmentThe green light for the implementation of the Cash for Reinstallation Project in Adegeya, Russia, was depending on the elaboration of a Local Security Plan considering fully the unpredictable security situation in the northern Caucasus.2.7_Local Security Plan_Adygaya 2003.doc
2.8 Institutional set-up and lean managementThe document provides a graphical visualisation of the relevant element when combining the assessment mission with the start-up of the implementation of a cash project.2.8_launch a Cash Programme.pdf
2.9 Resources needed for implementation
3.1 Project planning and schedulingAn overview of all planned main activities is appreciated by many stakeholders as it provides a comprehensive picture of the project.3.1_Project Implementation Schedule_Moldova 2004.xls
Lists of objectives or targets with deadlines (known as milestone list) are very useful when cash implementation can be done at the same time for all beneficiaries and when time constraints are high.3.1_List of Milestones_Macedonia 2001.doc
Implementation schedule: this planning instrument provides an overview of the beginning and the ending of all main activities. It's also recommended for discussions on realistic time estimation.3.1_Planning End of Project_Ingushetia 2000.doc
Flow chart of money transfers provides a time estimate for each step of the financial transfers between HQ, involved financial institutions and beneficiaries.3.1_Plan Financial Flow_Adegaya 2003.doc
Schedule updating on a weekly base is done by listing each step for the different implementation areas (divisions).3.1_Weekly Schedule_Sri Lanka 2005.xls
Scheme of main steps is essential for Cash Projects. Once agreed upon the scheme general framework everybody is able to situate his contribution.3.1_Project Main Steps Scheme_Aceh 2005.xls
3.2 Public relationsPress Release – starting phase: Before preparing the initial press release, summarise all data to be communicated and validated by HQ on a fact sheet.3.2_Press Release Start of Project_Moldova 2004.doc
Press Release – end of project: It's important to inform the public once the Cash Project comes to its end. People are most interested on number of beneficiaries, amount of contribution given, areas served and implementation partners.3.2_Press Release End of Project_Adygaya 2003.doc
3.3 Progress reportingLonger weekly report – Some project managers prefer to write their weekly report quite detailed. This provides good orientation to HQ and backstopper.3.3_Weekly Report long_Sri Lanka 2006.doc
Shorter weekly report – If the information is well condensed it is most of the time sufficient for HQ and backstopper.3.3_Weekly Report short_Moldova 2004.doc
Implementation Progress Monitoring – for Cash Projects figure based progress monitoring makes sense because the target is the contributions foreseen timely.3.3_Progress of implementation_Moldova 2004.xls
3.4 External support - backstoppingExtended BS feedback: In some cases detailed feedback is necessary for explaining a number of relevant points. The content is just as important as the way how it is communicated.3.4_Weekly Report & Backstoppers feedback_Adygaya 2003.doc
3.5 Project adjustmentReview work plan: A review is only useful when backed by a rough work plan prepared in advance by the Cash Project management.3.5_Mid-term Review Work Plan_Moldova 2004.doc
Report mid-term review: this example shows possible topics to be discussed.3.5_Mid-term Review Report_Moldova 2004.doc
4.1 PersonnelIt's very helpful to think on function and profile needed before announcement for recruitment.4.1_Project Setup Staff Recruitment_Moldova 2003.doc
Staff management in short term projects should not neglect binding provisions. Good practices require an overview on key-elements.4.1_Monitoring Tool Staff_Aceh 2005.xls
An adequate work certificate makes triple sense: Recognition of the project, certificate for concerned staff, orientation for potential new employers.4.1_Work Certificate Database Manager_Aceh 2005.doc
4.2 InfrastructureAn actualised inventory avoids losses and facilitates correct hand-over on the end of the project. In addition monitor the consumption material in the same list.4.2_Office Inventory List_Aceh 2005.xls
4.2_Office Inventory List_Serbia 2001.xls
4.3 Contracts and agreementsBank agreements should be based on reliable Cash experiences.4.3_Bank Agreement_Aceh 2005.pdf
4.3_Bank Agreement_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
4.4 Correspondence
4.5 Filing system and documentationMost project filing is unsatisfactory. either because of lack of rules or because of weak discipline.4.5_Rules for PC-Work in Cash Projects.doc
Without proper filing letters and documents, a Cash Project management might become a nightmare. 4.5_Filing System_Ingushetia 2001.doc
4.6 DatabaseDatabase managers mostly create unique databases. Nevertheless if they document well what they did and keep records in form of hints or database concepts it will be of great help for others.4.6_Hints for Database Management_Moldova 2004.doc
Exemplary databases may show how databases can be designed. In this example database all sensitive beneficiary data have been anonymised.4.6_Database Cash for Livelihood_Sri Lanka 2005.mdb
4.6_Database Cash for Livelihood Tutorial_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
4.7 Finance and bookkeepingFlow of Funds from HQ to final beneficiary has to be designed and monitored.4.7_Cash Payment & Fund Flow_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
Bank reliability check previous mandating a organisation for cash contribution is imperative and depends also on rules and regulation of the implementing agency.4.7_SDC Weisung 5C_Check Bank Bonitaet.doc
4.8 Closing down officeThis is the standard checklist closing down for Cash Projects. Please start on this basis and adapt it to your requirements:4.8_Schedule Project Closing Down_Moldova 2004.doc
5.1 AnnouncementFact Sheet: It summaries all relevant information / benchmarks concerning the project. It has to reflect the set of criteria defined in the Project Document.5.1_Fact Sheet Project Document_Serbia 2000.doc
First press release: Contains general information to the public concerning aim.5.1_Announcement Project_Moldova 2001.doc
5.1_Announcement Project_Aceh 2005.doc
Public announcement concerning registration inform potential beneficiaries precisely about amount, criteria and procedures.5.1_Announcement Registration_Moldova 2001.doc
Progress Monitoring of main outputs is a compulsory task of database manager as the base for steering, planning and reporting to HQ.5.1_Monitoring Project Progress_Aceh 2005.xls
Comparison is based on criteria and can be refined by taking notes of additional information collected during contact meetings with financial institutions.5.1_Comparison Banks & Postal Services_Macedonia 2001.doc
A bank agreement is needed to clarify cooperation and to formalise binding elements.5.1_Agreement Postal Services_Adygaya 2003.doc
Project set-up presentation concentrates on key-elements. Local partners appreciate this form of information complementary to written documents.5.1_Presentation Project Setup_Sri Lanka 2005.ppt
Letter of intent: Cooperation with governmental bodies requires usually a formal document.5.1_Letter of Intent local government_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
5.2 RegistrationAdjustment of registration procedures: Lessons learned should be commuted into improved procedures and checklist for handling.5.2_Clarification of Criteria for Registration_Serbia 1999.doc
Registration forms vary considerably and must be tailor-made for every Cash Project.5.2_Registration Form_Serbia 2000.doc
5.2_Registration Form_Sri Lanka 2005.xls
Registration must be planned properly with schedule, explaining steps and responsibilities. If the Cash Project works in different districts or areas, standardisation will facilitate implementation.5.2_Registration Process Schedule_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
5.2_Registration Process Scheme_Aceh 2005.doc
Guidelines for filling-in registration forms are used during short training of registration committee and as memory hook.5.2_Registration Guidelines_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
Organisation for meetings for registration committees need good preparation.5.2_Registration Committee Information_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
A registration report gives all involved persons a summary of results found and problems faced during the registration process.5.2_Registration Report_Aceh 2005.pdf
5.3 VerificationsQuestionnaires for verification might limit information asked or becoming quite extensive. All depends on aim and coherency with database.5.3_Verification Form_Serbia 1999.doc
5.3_Verification Form_Aceh 2005.doc
5.3_Verification Form_Sri Lanka 2005.xls
A verification concept is needed in any cases, especially if this task is delegated.5.3_Verification Concept_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
Random samples are needed for choosing a limited number of cases for verifications and monitoring with representative significance.5.3_Drawing Random Sample in MSAccess.doc
5.3_Principles of Random Based Verification.doc
Verification makes only sense if training of the verification team is based on instruction and their visits in the field are followed-up.5.3_Verification Team Instruction_Aceh 2005.doc
If verification is delegated to a third party, a contract is the base for a promising cooperation with agreed aims and assigned duties.5.3_Contract for Delegated Verification_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
A verification report gives all interested persons a summary of found results and problems faced during the verification process.5.3_Verification Report_Aceh 2005.pdf
5.4 Beneficiary listPress Release test payment: Depending on public interest or risks of jealousy it might make sense to explain the test payment in its context.5.4_Announcement Test Payment_Aceh 2005.doc
5.4_Announcement Test Payment_Adygaya 2003.doc
Announcement payment: If a test payment in concise area for all beneficiaries the standard announcement can be tested at the same time.5.4_Announcement Payment_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
Monitoring of transferred and payments of bank is needed for steering, ordering new transfer from abroad, progress reporting and follow-up of Cash payment by local bank or postal services.5.4_Monitoring Cash Transfers & Payment_Aceh 2005.xls
Roles and rules for Cash contributions agreed in written form with the bank facilitate smooth implementation.5.4_Payment Request to Bank_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
5.5 PaymentIf project management knows already about possible variations of ID numbers and identification, précis instructions for payment procedures reduce additional workload for clarification.5.5_Payment Instructions for Bank_Aceh 2005.doc
Authorization: can be established by the Cash Project case per case.5.5_Power of Attorney Letter Beneficiary_Serbia 2000.doc
Final Payment Report must be in mind of responsible staff. It provides guidance by it-self.5.5_Payment Final Report Bank_Serbia 2000.doc
5.6 ComplaintsDealing with complaints a clear announcement of procedures is a must.5.6_Complaint Procedure Instructions_Aceh 2005.doc
Grievance committees for enquiring complaints provided to be a good option for efficient dealing with.5.6_Grievance Committee Procedure_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
5.7 MonitoringA questionnaire of an result monitoring can be modest be asking the main use of the contribution or be extensive depending on follow-up project or not, and institutional requirements.5.7_Monitoring Results Questionnaire_Sri Lanka.xls
Instruction for monitors being part-timer of the project.5.7_Monitoring Team Instructions_Mongolia 2002.doc
Monitoring concepts provide overview and serve for getting feedback by partner, headquarter and backstopper prior starting.5.7_Monitoring Results Concept_Sri Lanka 2006.doc
5.7_Monitoring Results Concept_Mongolia 2002.doc
Contracts for Monitoring mandates follow standard structures.5.7_Mandated Monitoring Contract_Adygaya 2002.doc
Monitoring reports: They vary considerably depending aims, investment and charged persons: staff of the Cash Project or a specialised local organisations.5.7_Monitoring Results Report_Mongolia 2003.doc
5.7_Monitoring Results Report_Adygaya 2003.doc
5.7_Monitoring Results Report_Sri Lanka 2005.doc
5.7_Monitoring Results Report_Aceh 2005.doc
Monitoring with questionnaires provides relevant information on many topics. Questions related to taboo topics should be avoided and explored in personal talks with different stakeholders more informally.5.7_Monitoring Results Questionnaire_Sri Lanka.xls
5.8 Closing down cash operationsFinal Press Release It's important to inform officially the public as well as other agencies on result, process and stepping-out or new activities intended. Of course in national and foreign language.5.8_Press Release Project Results_Aceh 2005.doc
5.8_Press Release Project Facts&Figures_Aceh 2005.doc
Redemption request to be based on Project figures is the professional way of closing down Bank operations.
Official closing down ceremony needs a well-planned schedule and handpicked invitations to meet expectations and good visibility.5.8_Closing Down Ceremony Schedule_Aceh 2005.doc