SDC and Development Effectiveness

SDC and Development Effectiveness




Switzerland endorsed the Busan outcome document that includes the New Deal for engagement in fragile states in 2011. As a consequence, the priorities of the Message on International Cooperation 2013-2016 complies with the commitments made. The Message states the following strategic goal:

Resources are efficiently deployed to maximise their effectiveness. This involves keeping administrative costs as low as possible, and instituting internal and external controls to minimise risks such as corruption. Annually up to 0.4% of resources are used to evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of programmes. Reports on Effectiveness provide politics and the public with regular information about the results achieved.


By the end of 2012, the SDC and SECO/WE managements had agreed on the Swiss Policy on the Implementation of the Busan Commitments and thus elaborated in early 2013 a Guidance for its field offices. This guidance points out possible measures that could be taken by field offices to make Switzerland's commitment to Busan concrete at partner-country level.


The priorities of the Swiss Aid Effectiveness agenda are:

  • Implementation of the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States
  • Use of Country Systems, Transparency and Aid Predictability
  • Civil Society Enabling Environment
  • Results & Mutual Accountability


Consistently, since February 2013, Switzerland together with Bangladesh is the Co-chair for the Global Partnership Initiative on Results and Mutual Accountability, which is focusing its activities on strengthening country results frameworks. In addition, Switzerland is highly active with regard to the New Deal implementation both as Co-Chair of INCAF as well as on taking selectively a leading role to support in-country implementation of the New Deal in particular in South-Sudan.

Since the beginning of the new architecture, Switzerland has been supporting the Secretariat of the Global Partnership (CHF 200'000.p.y for UNDP) and has also contributed with financial and substantial support to the preparation of the Mexico Meeting.

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