Training opportunities in agriculture and food security

Current E-Learning Course

© IRRI Photos/Flickr399403699 Food loss analysis case study methodology
Duration: 6,5 hours, start: anytime, languages: english & french,
prepared by FAO

Food loss is a complex issue. This course introduces the FAO Case study methodology for the analysis of critical food loss points... [read more]

Training providers - Agriculture and food security

The below institutions offer training opportunities in subject areas related to agriculture and food security. Many of them offer e-learning, others organise on-site courses. Various regions and languages are covered.

FAO E-learning Centre
Trainings: Food security related topics: social/economic/environmental aspects, concepts and methodologies, communication
Format: E-learning
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Example: Nutritional Status Assessment and Analysis

Wageningen UR
Trainings: Agriculture and food, sustainable environment, policy & markets, other
Format: E-learning + on site (Netherlands)
Languages: English + Dutch
Example: Plant breeding

Trainings: Learning, action research and outreach in tertiary education; Facing rural innovation- and research challenges; Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit
Format: On site (Netherlands, Nigeria, Kenya)
Languages: English (+ French)
Example: Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit

 CSDi   Center for Sustainable Development
Trainings: Soil, water & agriculture, nutrition, climate change adaptation, project design
Format: E-learning
Languages: English, Spanish
Example: Water Resource Management

Institution: CIRAD
Trainings: Animal health, natural resource management, methodologies
Format: E-learning
Languages: French, English
Example: Peste des Petits Ruminants

International Institute of Rural Reconstruction
Trainings: customized trainings on various topics of rural development
Format: on-site (Africa, Asia)
Languages: English
Example: Participatory Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Training providers - Other subjects

Project Cycle Management interactive – PCMi
Interactive PCM platform of SDC with different options for self-study; subjects covered:
Result Based Project Cycle Management
Planning for Results
Measurement of Results
Monitoring and Steering for Results
Evaluation or Review of Results
Cost Benefit Analysis

The World Bank – Open Learning Campus
Trainings: All subjects in the development context
Format: E-learning
Languages: English
Example: Agriculture Innovation Systems

GIZ - Academy for International Cooperation
Trainings: Sustainable resource management, development policy, management and consulting in international cooperation, personal skills development
Format: on site (Germany) + E-learning
Languages: German, English
Example: Sustainable Resource Management

Trainings: Capacity for Agenda 2030, Advance Environmental Sustainability, Promote Economic Development, Other
Format: E-learning + on site (worldwide)
Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, other
Example: Enhancing Good Governance in International Development

BEAM Exchange
Trainings: Market system development
Format: E-learning
Languages: English
Example:Agricultural extension services

More online courses

Online courses in many subject areas can be found on the following platforms: