Training opportunities in agriculture and food security

Current E-Learning Course

© IRRI Photos/Flickr399403699 Climate change and food security nexus
Date/place: 17-27 September 2019, Wageningen, Netherlands
Language: English
Subscription until: 5 August 2019
Organised by: Wageningen Centre for Development
You will learn about climate trends, adaptation actions to protect food systems and livelihoods, how to create incentives for mitigation action and tackle one of the root causes of vulnerability: poor governance ... [read more]

Training providers - Agriculture and food security

The below institutions offer training opportunities in subject areas related to agriculture and food security. Many of them offer e-learning, others organise on-site courses. Various regions and languages are covered.

FAO E-learning Centre
Trainings: Food security related topics: social/economic/environmental aspects, concepts and methodologies, communication
Format: E-learning
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Example: Food loss analysis case study methodology

Wageningen UR
Trainings: Agriculture and food, sustainable environment, policy & markets, other
Format: E-learning + on site (Netherlands)
Languages: English + Dutch
Example: Plant breeding

Trainings: Learning, action research and outreach in tertiary education; Facing rural innovation- and research challenges; Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit
Format: On site (Netherlands, Nigeria, Kenya)
Languages: English (+ French)
Example: Making agribusiness work

 CSDi   Center for Sustainable Development
Trainings: Soil, water & agriculture, nutrition, climate change adaptation, project design
Format: E-learning
Languages: English, Spanish
Example: Water Conservation & Management

Institution: CIRAD
Trainings: Animal health, natural resource management, methodologies
Format: E-learning
Languages: French, English
Example: Peste des Petits Ruminants

Training providers - Other subjects

Project Cycle Management interactive – PCMi
Interactive PCM platform of SDC with different options for self-study; subjects covered:
SDC and Results based Management
Planning for results
Measurement of results
Monitoring and steering for results
Evaluation or review of results

The World Bank – Open Learning Campus
Trainings: All subjects in the development context
Format: E-learning
Languages: English
Example: Agriculture Innovation Systems

GIZ - Academy for International Cooperation
Trainings: Sustainable resource management, development policy, management and consulting in international cooperation, personal skills development
Format: on site (Germany) + E-learning
Languages: German, English
Example: Biodiversity Policy Advice


Trainings: Capacity for Agenda 2030, Advance Environmental Sustainability, Promote Economic Development, Other
Format: E-learning + on site (worldwide)
Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, other
Example: Enhancing Good Governance in International Development

BEAM Exchange
Trainings: Market system development
Format: E-learning
Languages: English
Example: M4C's experience of applying market systems

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