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19.04.2018SDC Calls for Proposals
11.04.2018Food Loss Analysis E-learning course
10.04.2018Bénin: Appel à candidature pour mandat Fonds Agricoles
04.04.2018Scaling of Agricultural Innovations [BBL BRIEF]
28.03.2018Rural 21: Water for All, Hunger in southern Africa ...
21.03.2018Comparing storage technologies for maize in Tanzania
26.02.2018Journalistic Scholarship in Germany and Ghana
22.02.2018Switzerland has renewed its commitment to IFAD
13.02.2018Beans – Power Food
09.02.2018Poor pesticide practices in Burkina Faso pose a threat to human health and the environment
30.01.2018Vacancy: Director of Scale Up Nutrition Movement Secretariat
08.01.2018Agriculture and Climate Change - New Rural 21 Volume
08.11.2017Smallholders – Big Actors? Including farmers’ perspectives in Agricultural Research for Development
03.11.2017Support a multi-stakeholder event on the Right to Food!
01.11.2017Results of SDC Food Loss Reduction Project
30.10.2017Vietnam uses remote sensing to monitor rice production
26.10.2017Tapping the potential of rural youth
04.10.2017 Nourished: How Africa Can Build a Future Free from Hunger and Malnutrition [REPORT]
03.10.2017How many nutrition questions of the Week of Nutrition at SDC did you get right? Test your knowledge now…
30.09.2017Friday Answer: The potential economic returns on investments in improved nutrition are tremendous.
29.09.2017Friday Question: Is there an economic reason to invest in improved nutrition?
29.09.2017Thursday Answer: Empowerment of women to breastfeed ...
28.09.2017Thursday Question: Intensify agriculture or empower women to breastfeed?
28.09.2017Wednesday Answer: Non-communicable diseases (like diabetes, lung and heart disease) ...
27.09.2017Wednesday Question: Globally, the main cause of death is due to ...
27.09.2017Tuesday Answer: The side-by-side existence of undernutrition and overweight ...
26.09.2017Tuesday Question: What about the double burden of malnutrition?
26.09.2017Monday Answer: Low fruit and vegetable consumption ...
25.09.2017Monday Question: What poses a greater threat to people’s health?
25.09.2017Continuing a forty-year partnership: CGIAR and Switzerland
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