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Newsletter A+FS and e+i|EPS / March 2022

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Helping South Sudan prepare for climate shocks 

[by Iwa Isaac Mark, SDC South Sudan
 | Reading time: 4 minutes
In partnership with United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), SDC funded project, “Strengthening the preparedness of vulnerable communities to climate shocks and natural hazards” mitigated the adverse effects of climate shocks in the Northern Bahr el Ghazal State (NBeGS) through simple affordable techniques, like preparedness campaigns, tree planting, shallow wells, opening water channels and dykes ...​ [read more]

Building resilience in pastoralist communities

[by Abduba Yacob Tulicha, SDC Ethiopia
| Reading time: 4 minutes
] The project to support the Borana community has been working to build greater resilience to drought amongst well over 12’120 households, over half of which are woman-headed, through improving access to both water and fodder or rangeland resources. The project team has responded to frequent prolonged groughts by switching from a development into a more humanitarian modality, and working at the nexus between the two​​ ... [read more]

Reflecting on the Farmers survey pilot in Busia, Kenya

[by Helen Prytherch, Swiss TPH | Reading time: 3 minutesThe Nutrition in City Ecosystems (NICE) project launched in six cities across Bangladesh, Kenya and Rwanda aims to make food value chains more nutrition-focused to contribute to better health, while facilitating increased agroecological production. To assess the current status and potential of the smallholders and farmers to cultivate diverse, agroecologically produced foods for the city populations the project developed and piloted a “farmer’s survey”… [read more]

YPARD Fellowship Programs

[by Glindys Virginia Luciano, Kofi Acquaye, Valentina Martinez-Salazar, Genna Tesdall YPARD | Reading time: 3 minutes Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) is a network of 30’000 young professionals spread across the globe who either work or are active in agriculture. The network developed fellowships based on the interest of their membership to further enhance capacity building. The fellowship pathways are: extension & advisory services, agriscience research and policy & advocacy​​​​​ ... [read more]

Bites of Transfoodmation: “Snack the System" 

[by Domitilla Cerclé, Bites of Transfoodmation, Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN in Rome  
| Reading time: 3 minutes
The event “Snack the System” will host exhibitors who will be placed along a trail which visually represents the Manifesto. This means they will be clustered according to the paragraph of the Manifesto they represent. They will bring the text to life through their projects, therefore acting as amplifiers for each paragraph ​​​​​ ... [read more]

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Launch of the new project “RAISE" by Action de Carême

In January 2022, Action de Carême launched a multi-year project aimed at promoting human rights in food systems. Implemented in ten countries and with a global scope, the RAISE project aims to guarantee farmers the full enjoyment of their rights and to strengthen their autonomy and food security. The project plans to train peasants, young people and even children on the rights of peasants. Proposals to improve national laws related to these rights as well as agricultural and food programs will be developed jointly … [read more | weiterlesen] ​

Collaboration through the "Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture Lab"

Born out of the Swisscontact’s four-year Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture (ISA) project, the ISA Lab aims to promote appropriate technologies and extension services for a sustainable agricultural intensification by focusing on applied research. Collaborating with research institutions and academia, the Lab promotes research on relevant topics through three workstreams – conducting applied research, supporting student research studies and facilitating research platform​​ ... [read more]

In 2021, the Alliance for Sustainable Foods Systems and Empowered Communities (Sufosec) launched a four-year joint international programme with the goal that people left behind increase their food security, improve their livelihood resilience, and enhance their participation and inclusion in social, economic and political life. As a means to monitor these objectives, Sufosec conducted a Household Survey amongst more than 14’000 households in 16 countries in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia
 ... [read more]​​​

Celebrating the Word Water Day with a bang, Senegal opened the 9th World Water Forum, taking place the 21- 26 March. This forum provides a unique platform where the international water community and decision-makers can interface and collaborate on global water challenges. Switzerland has its own Swiss Pavilion, where partners can present their activities, such as the WAPRO project on private sector engagement …  [see full programme of the Swiss Pavilion] [event website]

Negotiations to finalise the Post-2020 global biodiversity framework, its objectives, targets and milestones, are currently taking place in Geneva. As countries and partners are working to shape the future, there is a global recognition that biodiversity is key to work towards more sustainable, healthier and resilient food systems. This means protecting, restoring and sustainably managing the environment and its natural resources … [website of the CBD] [IUCN's reference]

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Abduba Yacob Tulicha  

National programme officer, 
GPFS, SDC Ethiopia

What made you choose to work as an NPO at SDC?

I chose to work with SDC due to the Swiss cooperation objective of leaving no one behind since I have a pastoralist background. SDC has the long-term objective of contributing to the realization of a stable and resilient Horn of Africa region and supporting the wellbeing, inclusion, and empowerment of the most vulnerable communities including women.

Who is your personal hero/heroine?

Martin Luther King Jr.​

If you could be doing anything, anywhere right now, what and where would it be?

I would spend time with family and visit extended family members.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from your work?

Since my engagement in the development sector, I have learned several lessons regarding international development cooperation and the evolving themes such as climate-smart agriculture, value chains, biodiversity, livelihoods, market system development, private sector engagement, nexus approach and others.
The Horn of Africa (HoA) is the most disaster-affected region of the globe. Climate change and other disasters such as conflict have posed tremendous challenges on food security in the HoA region, where livestock rearing is the dominant livelihood.  Moreover, we have witnessed disasters such as droughts, floods, desert locusts, livestock diseases and COVID-19 over the years.  The humanitarian/ development/ peace nexus approach of SDC and national political commitment will have a paramount importance in progress towards achieving the SDGs.

Mr. Tulicha joined the Swiss Cooperation Office at the Embassy of Switzerland for Ethiopia, Djibouti, South Sudan and African Union as Programme Officer, Food Security HoA on November 15, 2021. He holds a Professional Master in Management of Development: Rural Development and Food Security and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 

Mr. Tulicha has more than eight years of experience in working in national and international NGOs in Ethiopia such as Save the Children/USA and SOS Sahel Ethiopia. Furthermore he has experience in supporting pastoralists in natural resource management in regard to livestock, production, health, marketing of products as well as livelihood diversification. Besides, he had been working on biodiversity and sustainable forest management.

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